All new 2023 Honda XR650L Finally launched First Look revel and 30th Anniversary Specs, Features Full details explained.

All new 2023 Honda XR650L Finally launched First Look revel and 30th Anniversary Specs, Features Full details explained.

The Honda XR600R off-road racer that was discontinued for over a decade, the Honda XR650L dual-sport motorcycle is back after 30 years, based on the successful and long-discontinued Honda XR600R. There may be no official celebration of Honda's 30th anniversary of this classic motorcycle, but the pearl anniversary is approaching, and this edition is white - perhaps that's a sly nod to the company's hard work and accomplishment. As for the 2023 Honda XR650L, let's go over what it has to offer, despite being essentially unchanged from its 2017 predecessor.

This motor is constructed with a double overhead cam design, which is a contemporary valvetrain design. It is however an air-cooled design, which is fed by a 42mm CV carburetor that feeds the combustion chamber of this engine. Thus, it is important to note that the new 2023 Honda XR650L has two items that we seldom see on a motorcycle in the 2020s: a manual choke and a petcock. As a bonus, you will be able to start the engine with an electric motor.

In 2022, the XR650L, also known as the dinosaur as I like to call it, will be returned and updated with a few new changes and improvements. When Honda introduced the XR650L, they combined the off-road chassis of the XR600 with the electric start engine of the NX650, creating one of the most capable dual-sport bikes that had ever been on the market. 

The counterbalancer is designed to keep the vibrations from the big thumper down, while a dry sump lubrication system is designed to maximize the power produced by the engine. A five-speed transmission is all that is needed to get the most out of the motor's broad powerband due to its broad power band.

This suspension offers a long travel of about 11 inches at both ends, along with a full range of adjustability and a linkage system that helps to improve the performance of the shock, as well as an aluminum swingarm. It is important to note, however, that the fork is a conventional design, but it does offer air-adjustability. With the help of a mild steel frame, the whole thing is held together.

It is appropriate that a dual-sport motorcycle should have a wheelset that has a 21-/18-inch diameter and discs that are bolted to the hubs of the wheels. As mentioned earlier, these tires are a throwback design and are built to the old SAE specifications—4.60 at the rear and 3.00 at the front. As far as street and light-duty dirt riding is concerned, the rubber is suitable for most riders, though even a semi-serious off-road rider will probably opt for a tire that is more modern and capable in this regard.

There is no doubt the styling of the motorcycle is outdated, particularly when it comes to the fenders and the lighting—headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Despite the fact that the dash is analogue, there is no LCD display to be seen. There is one throwback feature we like about this vehicle, and that is the toolbag mounted on the rear fender. It is a nice touch that brush guards are available for your hands as standard equipment.

2023 Honda XR650L 30th Anniversary Specification :

EngineSingle-cylinder, 644cc, bore x stroke: 100 x 82mm, compression ratio: 8.3:1, SOHC, 4 valves, 42.5mm CV carburetor
LubricationDry sump
ClutchWet multiplate
Final drive520 O-ring chain
Front suspension; travelCompression- and air-adjustable 43mm Showa leading-axle fork; 11.6 inches
Rear suspension; travelLinkage-assisted, fully adjustable Showa shock; 11.0 inches
Front tire3.00 x 21
Rear tire4.60 x 18
Front brake265mm disc
Rear brake220mm disc
Wheelbase57.3 inches
Rake27 degrees
Trail4.0 inches
Seat height37.0 inches
Ground clearance13.0 inches
Fuel capacity2.8 gallons
Curb weight346 pounds

The 2022 Honda XR650L, Honda changed the graphics on the tank and they swapped out all of the red plastics in favor of white plastics to match the new graphics on the tank. The XR650L this year is also fitted with black wheels and the "lollipop mirrors" have been replaced with a set of modern mirrors to create a more modern look. 

It is estimated that the MSRP for the 2023 Honda XR650L will be $6999. In today's dollars, its 1993 price of $4349 would be over $8500 if inflation is adjusted for it. Considering this, it is quite a deal for this classic to celebrate its 30th anniversary. The last time we tested the XR650L was seven years ago, and this year we have plans to revisit it for a second time.

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