All new 2023 Honda CL500 finally launched specifications, top speed, HD images Galary, full detail explanation.

All new 2023 Honda CL500 finally launched specifications, top speed, HD images Galary, full detail explanation.

As for the new Honda CL500, it looks like the scrambler craze will continue unabated for as long as Europe is concerned, at least for the time being. Scramblers are traditional motorcycles that were converted from upright standard bikes into scramblers. As it happens, Honda has put a different spin on the 2023 Honda Rebel CL500, since it is based on the Rebel 500 platform, which means that it is a cruiser that has been converted into a motorcycle that offers casual off-road capabilities. Taking that as the starting point, let's consider what this new scrambler has to offer.

The Honda CL500 name harks back to the 1960's and harkens back to the Honda CL500 model of 2023. Honda scramblers originally had the CL designation as a part of their model designation. There was a model from that time period which was the closest to the CL500, which ran from 1967 to 1974, where it was similar to the CL450. At the time, the CL450 was an unusual DOHC twin, due to the fact that it was built from the ground up. In keeping with that tradition, the 2023 CL500 continues the tradition, utilizing the same DOHC parallel-twin motor architecture, but in a liquid-cooled and fuel-injected form, rather than a carbureted and air-cooled model. It is interesting to note that compared to the old CL450, the new CL500, with a 471cc engine, put out the same amount of power at the same speed at 8500 rpm as the old 444cc CL450.

Honda has designed the 2023 Honda CL500 with a slightly lower gear ratio than the Rebel to give it a touch more power. The rear sprocket has been increased in tooth count from 40 to 41. Compared to the Rebel's 67 mpg estimated fuel consumption, the Aura's fuel consumption has been increased to 65 mpg as a result of the gear change. In terms of the transmission, the six-speed remains unchanged, as does the assist clutch and the slipper clutch.

A large-diameter wheel and a suspension that travels longer than the Rebel have been fitted to the 2023 Honda CL500 as well, making it a true off-road motorcycle. It has been announced that the Rebel will no longer be sporting 16-inch wheels. In addition to it's 19-inch wheels, the CL500 also sports 17-inch rims, which is the standard wheel combination for a street-oriented adventure motorcycle these days. In Europe, Honda's latest ADV bikes are equipped with Dunlop Trailmax Mixtour tires, a tire type which is rapidly growing. Despite the fact that the non-adjustable fork has nearly six inches of travel, the spring-preload adjustable twin shocks provide 5.7 inches of rear wheel travel, with gaiters at the bottom of the fork tubes in order to protect them from being damaged. It was Honda's intention to make the CL500 as ready for the rigors of urban travel as well as its role as a light off-road vehicle.

There is a noticeable difference between the CL500 and the Rebel in terms of seat height due to the longer travel suspension. It is almost four inches higher on the CL500's seat than it is on the Rebel's. It may not be the highest tower, but it is still not very intimidating, as it rises 31.1 inches above the ground. In order to make the CL500 more user friendly, Honda has incorporated a higher, wider handlebar. In this way, the rider will be able to navigate off-road terrain with the leverage and space needed. It should be noted, however, that there is no crossbar and that it is not an aluminum bar with tapered ends. It is designed so that you can sit or stand on the seat. In order to put your boot soles on the ground, you want your midsection to be narrow so that it is easier to put them down at a stop.

For street riding, the footpegs have rubber inserts that provide a good grip. It is not necessary to remove them, and you will have toothed footpegs that are ready for off-roading. As part of the 3.2-gallon fuel tank, knee pads that are appropriate for the era are installed. Despite the CL500's rated range of over 200 miles between fill-ups, you can go exploring in this vehicle without recharging it often.

The exhaust system on the Honda CL500 of 2023 isn't in keeping with the scrambler genre as a whole. To prevent any damage to the exhaust system, the CL500's exhaust system runs under the frame rather than having up-pipes to provide additional ground clearance, and its exhaust pipe runs back up at the rear, where a dual-outlet muffler is fitted with a stainless steel heat guard. You will want to limit the CL500's exposure to rocks, logs, and other obstacles that are likely to smash the pipes or cause other problems-or else you will pay a price for it. Aside from that, Honda modified the exhaust of the CL500 to have a throatier sound than the exhaust on the Rebel.

In comparison to the Rebel 500, the CL500 has the rake tucked in by a degree in order to achieve a 27 degree rake angle, and it weighs nine pounds more than the ABS version of the Rebel 500. The weight gain on the vehicle isn't as surprising as you might think, given the bigger wheels and longer travel suspension on the vehicle. There are three clamps on the CL500 in order to provide off-road capability. This is Honda's own set of triple clamps. In terms of ABS, Honda has adjusted the sensitivity of the system to ensure it is sensitive enough to use off-road. In comparison to the Rebel 500's 310 mm disc, the 310 mm disc has a diameter that is 14 mm larger. There are three versions of Honda's accessory pack that can be purchased based on your motivation.

Despite its compact size, the CL500 offers plenty of round. I will include in that list the headlights, turn indicators, mirrors, and the LCD display on the dash. It is curious that the oval taillight refuses to cooperate with the changes that are being made. LED lighting is used for all of the lighting in the building. The price of the Honda CL500 for the year 2023 is not yet available. In spite of the fact that we would love to be able to inform you when the new Honda scrambler will be available in American Honda showrooms, the model will only be available in Europe for the time being.

All new 2023 Honda CL500 finally launched specifications, top speed, HD images Galary, full detail explanation.

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