2023 New Yamaha Tracer 7 for local police Genoa.

2023 New Yamaha Tracer 7 for local police Genoa.

Yamaha Tracer 7 motorcycles are added to the police fleet of Genoa Local Police. The company also purchased breathalyzers, precursors, and drug tests. In 2022, there have already been 900 confirmed cases of driving under the influence. A new fleet of vehicles and new equipment for control and safety was presented by the Municipality of Genoa. Specifically, nine Yamaha Tracer 7s will enter service for the Local Police: Gianluca Giurato recalled that in 2018, there were vehicles over 30 years old.

He said, "With these new bikes, we maintain our policy of improving the equipment to ensure a better service to citizens.". Several breathalyzers were purchased for the alcohol tests (ten precursors and four breathalyzers were purchased). The breathalyzer also serves as a pre-test, and it is a small-sized and portable device that can be carried on motorbikes. A great tool will be available to us to identify eight narcotic substances during the "drug test.". The Council Presidency has provided 450,000 euros for this equipment.

As a result of the "Accident", Yamaha Tracer 7 was financed? PR.IM.A (PRevention, experimentation, and contrast) proposed by the Department of anti-drug policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers envisages preventive activities and contrast to alcohol-related road accidents.

Local Police of the Ligurian capital confirmed 307 cases of drunk driving in 2017, this year they have already exceeded 900.

In 2022, 35 cases of drugs were assumed to have been found in people behind the wheel, up from 28 cases in 2017. As a result, more checks were performed and agents were able to use better tools to verify motorists' conditions: for this reason, it is very important to continue investing in this area.".

2023 New Yamaha Tracer 7 for local police Genoa.

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