This is the BMW R 1300 GS probably it will go production very soon as per reports.

This is the 2023 BMW R 1300 GS probably it will go production very soon as per reports.

A new set of photos for the anticipated BMW R 1300 GS unveil some details that have only been rumored about until now. As of June 2021, the first images to confirm that BMW is working on a new generation of GS cars were released, and since then, the evolution of the new model has evolved at an extraordinary pace. The BMW Motorrad website announcing the  BMW R 1300 GS, M 1300 GS and R 1400 GS was updated in March 2022 due to an error that led to the appearance of three new versions of the bike, while just last month a video showing the bike being tested on a public road somewhere in the north was also released. The Italian language.

Although BMW has remained silent throughout this process, the German press has provided us with sufficient information as to who this new generation is: it has an increased displacement, it will have an increased performance of 150 hp, a weight reduction, a radar will be added in the front, but the engine will also be cooled with liquid throughout the engine (not just in its central part), and it will also receive a new semi-dry sump for lubrication.

Several of the new photos published in German magazine Motorrad show what the BMW R 1300 GS looks like in the dirt, providing us with the first glimpse at the boxer's cylinders, which are for the first time ever seen in a public setting. In the spy pics we've published over the past few months, you may have noticed that the cylinders are always wrapped in fabric, which led to the speculation of a new cooling circuit being used. It would appear that this is the reality, since in the new cylinders they do not seem to have brushes, since the liquid cooling system has replaced the brushes.

Additionally, the new boxer seats are also new and the bottom bracket extends well in front of the swingarm almost reaching under the cylinders, which should result in a change in the bike's dynamics in the longer term, and Motorrad speculates that this is an attempt to improve soil behavior under heavier use. Additionally, in these new photos, we can clearly see the motorcycle is wearing the final form of the new model's suits, without graphics, but already more neat than the rough plastic that we have seen in the previous spy shots that we had published.

We also see for the first time here the new front of the BMW R 1300 GS, where we can see that we have to have the lighting bodies on the lower part of the front and on the nose, that are covered by a transparent piece of plastic to allow them to be visible. There is no doubt that the obvious explanation for the new design is the placement of a forward radar just below the windshield, which has to be accounted for in order to make sense of it.

In the discussion on when the new GS will be released, the focus has now shifted to when it will be released. In the absence of BMW's participation at international exhibitions as of yet, the news that it will take place online is a given, even though everything indicates that it will not be long before it happens, probably in early 2023 or maybe within the next few weeks of our current year as we reach the end of October.

Many people believe that it is the right time to speculate about future models of the BMW R 1300 GS since the announcement has been made that it will be released in 2023. As BMW Motorrad celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, we thought it would be the perfect time to bring out a new generation of the most popular motorcycle in history as a way to celebrate this important milestone.

The year 2023 additionally fits the symmetry of BMW's schedule for this iconic model, which saw a liquid-cooled generation in 2013, a refresh in 2018 with ShiftCam valve technology, so five years sounds like the perfect time to make the next major step in the long history of the legendary GS.

This is the 2023 BMW R 1300 GS probably it will go production very soon as per reports.

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