All new 2023 Zontes 350 V is all set with more power and more muscles motorcycle that will launch in 2023.

All new 2023 Zontes 350 V is all set with more power and more muscles motorcycle that will launch in 2023.

As part of the Zontes 350 family, the new motorcycle adds a cruiser-inspired model to challenge classic trends. the addition of the custom V350, the renewed Zontes 350 family completes the transformation of the Tayo group manufacturer from classic trends in this specialty, into a whole that combines cruisers, muscle bikes, and streetfighters, all well seasoned with high technological levels, in keeping with the House's tradition.

2023 Zontes 350 V Engine :

In the new 350 custom, the engine is a 348cc unit that provides 348cc of displacement. Aside from increasing the engine's cubic capacity, it has also increased its horsepower from 35 to 39 while still meeting Euro 5 regulations. In addition to the new cam profiles and four oversized valves, the single-cylinder engine also boasts greater torque. Cooling the Zontes 350 V engine uses a mixed water/oil system with radiators, where water regulates cylinder temperatures, while oil cools internal engine components through lubrication and lubrication circuits.

In addition to the slipper clutch, we also have a brake assist, which is necessary for maintaining rear tire grip during some more abrupt climbs. Bosch continues to provide electronic injection. By increasing the filter box's volume by 30 percent, a better "breathing" system is provided without increasing engine noise. Additionally, mechanical improvements are made to the alternator to increase its electrical output while reducing its weight to reduce inertia.

2023 Zontes 350 V lightings :

LED is the only light source used in the Zontes 350 V. Each headlight consists of four zones, the central zone illuminating the low beam and high beam, and the two lateral zones illuminating the position light. Instead of being placed above the optical unit, the front position indicators are located above the optical unit. To the rear, the rear lights split into two side lights and a center brake light. In addition to the front indicators, the rears are fixed to the wheel fender, which also houses the license plate and its lighting.

2023 Zontes 350 V Equipments :

With its large TFT color screen, the information can be displayed in four different formats: Fun, Race, Road, and Simplicity. It also has a real-time tire pressure monitoring system, which warns the driver when a puncture occurs, pressure drops, or the temperature drops too low. Don't forget Bluetooth connectivity with the mobile phone, which lets you see incoming calls and messages.

The handlebar blocks on the 350 V are equipped with backlights, making nighttime riding easier. We find buttons for opening the fuel cap and saddle as well as a map that switches between Economic and Sport modes of operation. Do you know what the key is? Using its own PKE system, Zontes' latest 2.5 version allows you to start the bike by approaching a specific spot under the saddle, even when the remote control battery is dead. With the two 36W USB sockets, you can recharge your smartphone and any navigator. They are QC3.0 compatible.

The cycling

A new custom version of the Zontes 350 V features 320 mm front discs, which replace the 300 mm of the previous model with J.Juan radial front calipers. In addition, the rear disc has grown, increasing from 230 mm to 265 mm in diameter. It is the single-sided swingarm that makes headlines, replacing the previous double-sided model. Due to the new swingarm, the rear rim has been updated and is now held to the hub by five bolts for easy removal. A molding was added to the exhaust to protect the driver and passengers from burns, as well. 

Under the engine, the engineers mounted a high-pressure nitrogen hydraulic monoshock. Through progressive linkages, the swingarm connects to the rear shock absorber, while the 43mm upside-down fork powers the front wheel. As part of the extras on the Zontes V350, the brake lever and clutch lever can be adjusted, and the passenger can have lumbar support.

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