All new 2023 Indian Motorcycle Lineup First Look reveled Full details explained.

All new 2023 Indian Motorcycle Lineup First Look reveled Full details explained.

Earlier this week, Indian Motorcycles announced details of the changes it will be making to its 2023 lineup, which will include a new FTR model and revisions to other FTR models, as well as details about the premium Challenger Elite model and other upgrades across the board. The new 2023 Indian models and the upgrades that are coming to them can be seen in this first look.

2023 Indian FTR Lineup

In 2023, the FTR Sport will be available, as a replacement for the FTR S. This FTR will sit just below the premium FTR R Carbon, but above the FTR and FTR Rally models. As a result of a new design for the tank, a sporty looking chin fairing, and a new seat cowl, the FTR Sport features a sporty design. For a price of $15,749, it will be available in Black Metallic with Red Accents, and for a price of $15,999, it will be available in White Lightning with Red and Black Accents.

As part of a new 4-inch round touchscreen display that is shared with the FTR R Carbon model, the FTR Sport will also include navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. Aside from three ride modes (Sport, Standard, and Rain), the bikes will also come standard with a lean-angle-sensitive ABS system, stability control, traction control, wheelie mitigation, a USB port to charge, and cruise control as well. As part of their standard equipment, the FTR and FTR Rally are equipped with ABS and cruise control as well.

With its carbon fiber components, premium seat, fully adjustable Hlins gold front forks, and a gold piggyback shock, the FTR R Carbon sets itself apart from the rest of the FTR lineup. This is also the only model that features the Indian script logo tank panels and is finished off with Cloud Silver and Championship Gold pinstriping which makes it stand out from the crowd. Featuring a sportier muffler and a retuned front braking system, all four FTR models will get a sportier exhaust system. The speedometer has been moved up on all FTRs in order to make viewing easier, and a new clutch has been added, which Indian claims improves the feel of the clutch as well as the performance of the vehicle. In terms of price, the Indian FTR lineup starts at $13,499.

The Indian Chieftain Elite was the first model to be included in the Indian Elite program in 2017. Since then, Indian has produced a series of Elite motorcycles, which are limited to 150-200 units per model, which feature all the premium options and a unique style that makes them a standout in a crowd. In the year 2022, we saw the introduction of the first Challenger Elite, a limited edition of 200 vehicles. As part of the 2022 Challenger Elite design, the car featured Stealth Gray and Black Metallic paint with Indy Red accents, which were inspired by American muscle cars. It has been announced by Indian that they will be offering 150 units of the 2023 Challenger Elite in Sapphire Blue Smoke Paint with Black Smoke and Titanium Metallic Smoke accents to support the 2023 model year. In order to get your hands on this premium bike with a unique look, you will need to pay $35,999 for it.

With its same PowerPlus 108ci engine with 122 hp and 128 ft-lb of torque that you will find in the other Challengers, the Challenger Elite is packed with dozens of top-notch options and extras that aren't found in other Challengers. Three ride modes, Fox adjustable rear suspension, smart lean technology, an LED headlight and driving lights, an adjustable flare windscreen, select footboards, heated grips, a new precision-cut five-spoke wheel, and Powerband audio with saddlebag speakers are just a few of the extras available. With a price tag of $10,000 over a standard Challenger, the 2023 Challenger Elite is packed full of premium features, a marketing strategy that is similar to Harley-Davidson's CVO line of motorcycles. It is expected that the 2023 lineup will feature a multitude of upgrades and paint colors across the board.

The Thunderstroke and PowerPlus models will be receiving a new clutch, which, according to the manufacturer, will reduce engine drag and provide a smoother downshift. As a result of the larger friction zone in the new clutch and the reduced lever effort, clutch fatigue has been reduced significantly. In addition, Thunderstroke models will feature integrated heated seat buttons, while the PowerPlus versions will have haptics to allow riders to feel the button's response when wearing gloves when they are riding their bikes. The Springfield, Chieftain, Challenger, Roadmaster, and Pursuit models will be fitted with redesigned LED headlights that will have a greater range and spread of light.

As of now, all Indian Motorcycle models with a 4-inch round touchscreen display have the ability to connect their Ride Command account via the Indian Motorcycle app or website to their bike. Among other features, this will give riders the ability to check the health of their vehicles, locate their vehicles, and track their rides. There are going to be several upgrades across the entire lineup for the 2023 model year, with a wide variety of paint colors being offered as well.

Thunderstroke and PowerPlus models are going to receive a new clutch kit that will, according to the manufacturer, create a smoother downshift while reducing engine drag and improving engine performance. Due to the large friction zone in the new clutch, as well as the reduced lever effort, clutch fatigue has been reduced significantly as a result of the new clutch. For the PowerPlus models, integrated buttons will be available on the heated seats, and for the Thunderstroke models, haptics will be used in the heated seats, so that riders will be able to feel the depth of the response when pressing the button while wearing gloves. As a result, the Springfield, Chieftain, Challenger, Roadmaster, and Pursuit models are going to receive a redesigned LED headlight that will achieve a wider light spread and a longer reach compared to their existing LED headlights.

All models with a 4-inch round touchscreen display will allow riders to link their Ride Command accounts to their Indian Motorcycle bikes through an Indian Motorcycle app or website, which will allow them to access their Ride Command account remotely. The app provides riders with a variety of useful features, including the ability to track their rides and to monitor the condition of their vehicles.

All new 2023 Indian Motorcycle Lineup First Look reveled Full details explained.

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