All new 2023 Beta XTrainer New Update Enduro.

All new 2023 Beta XTrainer New Update Enduro Everything new, please!

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New Beta XTrainer 2023 - Updates for better drivability

The entire rear has been redesigned. New plastic parts derived from the RR sister models can now be mounted on the new rear subframe on the Xtrainer. But it also brings an important innovation to the intake system. The redesign of the rear frame made it possible to change the intake flow of the engine. The new channeling of the air flow should make the Xtrainer easier to ride thanks to a smoother response at all speeds. In addition, the battery is now a lithium battery - lighter and more powerful than the previous model.

Fairing and tank new for 2023

The fuel barrel now offers more capacity than before. While maintaining the shape that characterizes the riding position in the saddle, the tank has been redesigned to increase capacity to 8.8 litres. In addition, the tank is now transparent to keep the fuel level under control at all times. With the new tank there is now also space for a new air filter box, which is integrated in a slightly revised panel. The bike's design is accompanied by new graphics reminiscent of those of its bigger sisters. Now the characteristic Beta red dominates, as with all newer Beta models.

Properties of the Beta XTrainer 2022

  • Light weight: only 99 kg, manoeuvrable and intuitive, even for novices
  • Seat height: 20 mm lower than the RR series
  • Brakes: Nissin, with 260mm front and 240mm rear discs
  • Forks and monoshock absorbers: R16V with 43mm shanks at the front and progressive leverage at the rear. The suspensions are fully customizable with the possibility of adjusting the spring preload and rebound of the fork, while the monoshock absorber is adjustable in terms of spring preload, compression and rebound
  • Beta Progressive Valve: The Beta Progressive Valve exhaust valve, which can be adjusted externally by the driver, allows the engine performance to be adjusted over the entire operating range
  • Mapping toggle with knob on handlebar
  • Automatic Mixer: Located under the saddle (which opens at the push of a button) and eliminates the need for oil-gasoline pre-mixing
  • Soft tires: Thanks to the soft compound, they guarantee grip and transmit a less nervous response to the driver than a tire with a harder carcass
  • Radiator fan: Although the 2T motor has a good thermal balance, the fan is fitted to the Xtrainer as standard so that the motor always maintains the optimum operating temperature, even on slower routes
  • Electric starter
  • Engine and clutch: Derived from the RR, the response of the engine is softened accordingly

The new Beta XTrainer is available in 250 and 300cc and will be available from October 2022.

All new 2023 Beta XTrainer New Update Enduro Everything new, please!

imptags : 2023 Beta XTrainer, All new 2023 Beta XTrainer New Update Enduro,

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