2023 Honda Transalp 750 is officially registered in Japan can we see this beats at EICMA?

2023 Honda Transalp 750 is officially registered in Japan can we see this beats at EICMA? 

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The registered trademark is XL750 Transalp. No CRF750 or Africa Twin 750, but a clear reference to a historically important model for Honda and long overdue also in Italy.

the new Transalp has been talked about for a long time. According to rumors , there were chances of seeing her as early as last November at EICMA, but then the plans changed and the issue of procurement delays undoubtedly also weighed in the decision.

Delays that have punctually come to be felt since the middle of this year with a decrease in the models offered for sale after they had begun to affect industrial plans already last year.

Honda has also recently had to stop the production of some motorcycles destined for the domestic market, and it seems that it was not just issues related to the new homologations in November.

But we come to today's news, published on the Japanese site of the monthly Young Machine , in which it is written that Honda requested the registration of the name XL750 Transalp last August 12 to the Japanese homologation body. Registration which took effect today, 22nd August.

In addition to the name " Transalp " - already registered in many markets, including Europe - there is therefore also certainty about the displacement of the new engine. An engine that will also be the basis for the new Hornet 750 , and more: a two-cylinder in-line forward gear and we have already written in early July , when rumors of the new 750 platform destined to power four models arrived from Japan .

Hornet 750 and Transalp 750 will be the first, but it is said that there are also a neoclassical model along the lines of the recent Hawk 11 (therefore a Hawk 75) and a sports car (CBR750R), a model that joins the smaller and more well-known CBR500R.

The new XL750 Transalp would therefore not replace the NC750X crossover which is addressed to a different use and therefore public. It should in fact have a 21-inch front end and spoked wheels, like the Africa Twin and above all like the previous Transalp from 600 to 700 cc; those with the V-twin engine
would therefore enter the segment currently populated by Yamaha Ténéré 700 and Aprilia Tuareg 660, a step - below in terms of engine performance - to BMW F850GS and KTM 890 Adventure. Just to stay on the twin-cylinder theme with the 21.

An interesting road enduro that should have a power of about eighty horsepower combined with a manageable weight and size for most.

Honda is expected to present the Hornet 750 this year : if the Transalp 750 were also alongside it, it would make many motorcyclists happy. Although the quattro linea and the V2 unfortunately now belong to the past, but that's another story.

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  1. V2 is still alive in V-strom ;-)
    But I do really want to take new Transalp between my legs.

    1. Yeah that will be a nice decision you will ever make.. Honda Transalp would be a nice choice.


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