Honda Transalp 750cc New model for 2023 Real or fake??

Honda Transalp 750cc New model for 2023 Real or fake?? 

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Information in many cases is just something, said by someone else, heard by someone else, and conveyed by a third party, and we took it and pulled it and stretched it and died it.

New Honda Transalp 750 apparently and will come, apparently and will be manufactured, apparently and will be presented, conversation to be had in the cafeteria. Because Honda's so-and-so told us something at the show or elsewhere, which could just be an answer like, for example, ``yes'', ``we'll see'', ``maybe'', and we translated it as we want, it does not mean that we gave an advance, got an order and a day of arrival in the stores.

The new Honda Transalp 750 is very likely to hit the market at some point. Because its name is legendary, and it has nurtured generations upon generations, with its multiple possibilities as a motorcycle, from the 400 - which we also saw in our country as an import - cubic, to the 700 of the latest version.

And Honda does not have a representative in this category, and it should have.

However, in order to have it, the new motorcycle should meet certain specifications of the class, have some equipment, an engine that performs strongly, now having to deal with, in addition to European and Japanese manufacturers, many - affordable - Chinese ones.

So far, we haven't seen such a 750cc engine from Honda, but we have seen a video of the expected engine that clearly shows the two pistons moving side-by-side and clarifying the layout. The Japanese press mentions the capacity at 755 cubic centimeters , and that most likely, this engine is not the same as the NC 750. We remind you that the NC 750 engine, which started at 700cc, is essentially half of the Honda Jazz 1400 - Honda's city car. With 57.8 nominal horses at 6,750 rpm, it obviously cannot be placed in a new Transalp that will enter the market with a limp, when it has to face competition that starts at 70 hp.

Let's also remember that these details as well as the video, we saw regarding the new Hornet, which is expected to be two-cylinder, following the Yamaha MT philosophy, and not for the Transalp.

Also, for the Hornet, recently (June 6, 2022), Honda itself presented a concept design that has been designed by 28-year-old Giovanni Dovis, the designer of Honda R&D Europe, in collaboration with the corresponding Japanese department. From this collaboration, the CB 650R, the X-ADV, and of course, the CRF 1000L Africa Twin (originally as the 1000) have emerged.

And now to the main course: Honda, a month ago, released a sketch of the expected Hornet, leaving something in the air, and more teasers are to follow until we see the bike and start dreaming and dreaming. we write accordingly.

Honda had done the same with the CRF 1000L Africa Twin, thus starting a barrage of information, video teasers, videos of Marc Marquez and other riders riding the new bike, essentially building the trend until the new bike's presentation at the show EICMA.

In the corresponding case of such an important model for the segment and Honda's history, the new Transalp, you say that Honda will let us write whatever comes to mind by recycling information, and simply pull the hood at this year's EICMA to impress us ; According to the aforementioned story, we are probably going for next year....

Honda Transalp 750cc New model for 2023 Real or fake?? 

Imptags : Honda Transalp 750cc New model for 2023 Real or fake, Honda Transalp 750cc, Transalp 750, Transalp Honda 750,

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