CFMOTO launched Mini Nakedbike 150NK 2023 in Australian market.

CFMOTO launched Mini Nakedbike 150NK 2023 in Australian market.

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Chinese motorcycle manufacturer CFMOTO has established itself as one of the best and highest quality manufacturers from China. The brand prides itself on offering premium but affordable models. which can provide a wide range of options

The KTM - based CFMOTO 800MT and the retro-styled CFMOTO 700 CL-X always get a lot of attention. But let's not forget CFMoto has a smaller model that's as cool as its NK family . Especially in Australia, the 150NK is a favorite amongst those who are just looking for a beginner bike. The brand has updated its entry-level offering for the 2023 model year, making it safer and easier for beginners. CFMOTO has tweaked the aesthetics for a sportier look.

CFMoto has added ABS to the rear wheel safety system that is a must-have system for beginner riders. The liquid-cooled 149.4 cc 14.3 hp makes it ideal for both first-time riders and seasoned riders looking for a fun little motorcycle for a satisfying journey. And the engine can be adjusted to two driving modes, Eco and Sport.

Of the CFMOTO lineup , the 150NK is the smallest and most beginner-friendly model. However , it benefits from the collaboration between CFMOTO and KISKA Design , the company responsible for the design of KTM 's motorcycles . The style between itself and KTM Duke 's range of motorcycles.

In addition to its sharp style, the 150NK has eye-catching colors in the form of frames and turquoise mesh graphics. silver body panels and gloss black alloy wheels, the seat height is 775 mm, which is easily accessible. and a nimble 1,360 mm wheelbase makes a 135 kg bike for that price in Australia starting at $ 4,290.

CFMOTO launched Mini Nakedbike 150NK 2023 in Australian market.

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