All new Honda Biz 110i 2022 Model scooter launched,

All new Honda Biz 110i 2022 Model scooter launched, 

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All new scooter Honda Biz 110i 2022 Model launched in Thailand. It must be said that no one is familiar with the Honda Wave, especially the very popular 110i. But in Brazil A similar 2022 version of the Honda Biz 110i has also been launched.

The Honda Biz 110i will be a family motorcycle. that emphasizes the flexibility of driving Outstanding in fuel economy The engine will come in a range of 109.1 cc, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, driven by a 4-speed gearbox, fueled by an electronic fuel injection system, PGM-FI, compression ratio of 9.3:1, electric starter.

Let's take a look at the different features. The braking system is a 220 mm disc brake for the front and a drum brake for the rear. The chassis will be monoblock. The front suspension is a telescopic. The back is a spring while Works with the swingarm. The front tires are 60/100 and the rear is 80/100. The fuel tank capacity is 5.1 liters and the weight is only 100 kg.

The price of the Honda Biz 110i 2022 sold in Brazil is around 51,000 baht when converted to Thai currency. As for Thailand Anyone who is interested in this scooter can click to the Honda Wave 110i because the actual characteristics of use are considered very similar. with a starting price of 36,900 baht

All new Honda Biz 110i 2022 Model scooter launched, 

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