All new 2023 QJMotor Snapdragon 600 touring-advance motorcycle.

All new 2023 QJMotor Snapdragon 600 touring-advance motorcycle. 

All new 2023 QJMotor Snapdragon 600 touring-advance motorcycle. It can be said that it will break the old way. It's not really for a new product from QJ Motor, a new motorcycle manufacturer from China. In the presentation of the Touring-Advance model in the medium size 600 cc that is unique because the bike will come with a 4-cylinder power line that rarely has any manufacturer dared to do before.

2023 QJ Motor Snapdragon 600, a product from the Chinese manufacturer that Classified as a motorcycle in the way Touring - Adventure that focuses on working on smooth And has the ability to drive in a semi-wading style a little. The bike will come with a design that is very close to the Ducati Multistrada, especially the style of the fairing that seems to be similar. But there is a difference by choosing to use a 600 cc 4-cylinder engine that is often used on a supersport bike.

As for the power of the Snapdragon 600, it comes with a 600cc, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, liquid-cooled DOHC engine. It produces a maximum power of 60 horsepower (KW) at 11,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 55 Nm, which is the same engine block that uses the SRG600 and SRK600 with similar power.

The structure uses the same steel tube frame as the SRK600 and SRG600, but the suspension has been modified to use a 43mm upside-down front shock absorber. Has a greater collapsible distance, as well as the rear Monoshock with adjustable features. And the hardness of the spring The front brake system is a double disc. Caliper brakes, 4 ports at the back are a single disc. 1-port brake callipers with dual-channel ABS and an enable/disable feature.

As for the rims, it is a 17-inch alloy wheel rim with the same front and rear. Wearing tires size 120/70 ZR 17 and 180/55 ZR 17, the car comes with dimensions length 2340 mm, width 880 mm, total height 1,395 mm, wheelbase 1,460 mm, seat height 805 mm, which is considered very low. other if compared to the same car The fuel tank is 27 liters and the total weight of the liquid is 233 kg.

As for the equipment on the car It will come with LED lights around the car, a TFT display screen and features to connect to a smartphone. And has the ability to alert engine abnormalities, tire pressure, as well as being able to record the running data at a time And there are 2 USB Type-A charging ports.

In terms of price, the 2023 QJ Motor Snapdragon 600 launched in the Chinese market with a price of 56,999 yuan, or about 293,108 baht only, which is a very cute and attractive price. And of course, in July this coming, QJ Motor has plans for a European market. And it is likely to do more markets in other regions by 2025. It is unlikely that in the future we may see QJ Motor products available in Thailand.

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