All new 2022 Longjia XDV 150, a clone of the Honda ADV150.

All new 2022 Longjia XDV 150, copy of  Honda ADV150.

All new 2022 Longjia XDV 150, a clone of the Honda ADV150. A few Chinese manufacturers are now working to remove the global insults for the Chinese motorcycle industry. But there are still some manufacturers who still maintain a reverse-engineering approach to creating products, like Longjia, a mid-range brand that currently does not only market in the country but also markets in Western Europe and South America.

2021 Longjia XDV300i

Longjia has previously produced a 300th XDV model, a reproduction of the Honda ADV350, and the Chinese automaker has recently released a new, smaller version of the XDV 150. The same as The Honda ADV150, but the appearance is similar as a sheep.

If we look at the photos for promotion, we will find that The style of the scooter is not different. The overall appearance of the scooter is hardly different at all. It would not be wrong if we look at it as an ADV150 and believe that many People probably misunderstand the same way we do.

2022 Honda ADV150 

let's take a look at the specs of the scooters. The 2022 Longjia XDV150 will come with a 150cc, 4-stroke, water-cooled powertrain. automatic transmission The automatic clutch system swings away from the center. Final transmission by belt Giving a maximum power of 14 horsepower (PS) to this point, the engine specification is not different from the ADV150 at all.

Let's continue to look at the bottom of the scooter. It comes standard with a telescopic front suspension, Dual Shock at the rear, and a sub-tank, but we're not sure if this sub-tank will actually work or just stick to it. The braking system is a single disc brakes both front and rear, with ABS that looks slightly superior to the ADV150 that can be switched on or off.

The device on the scooter is a Smart Key system that looks superior to the ADV150. There are two USB Type-A charging ports in the front console and a storage compartment under the seat. The full-color digital TFT display is capable of two different display formats and features a smartphone-to-phone interface for handling messages, calls and notifications. Warning about various social media systems.

No official price has been announced in China yet. But two-wheelers from China are speculating that the price of the 2022 Longjia XDV150 will be considerably cheaper than the Honda ADV150 compared to the price of the XDV300i launched last year. As for the price announcement, it is expected that the manufacturer will announce the price along with the actual sale in July.

All new 2022 Longjia XDV 150, a clone of the Honda ADV150.

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