All new 2022 Benelli Tornado TNT 650/550 [2022 Model]

All new 2022 Benelli Tornado TNT 650/550 [2022 Model]

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QJ Motor has revealed with a series of plans how it envisions the next day of Benelli Tornado and TnT.

As Benelli continues to grow and develop under the safe umbrella of Chinese QJ Motor, the return of Tornado and TnT seems at least reasonable and expected. Through QJ in China, three designs were released that show us what these new Benelli models will look like, without accompanying them with technical information. But their names alone say a lot.

First we have the Tornado 650 with the Benelli four-cylinder in-line engine, which is not currently coming to Europe due to specifications, although its base has been renewed in China and has been worn on models with the QJ Motor logo. The renewal is speculated to have provided exports to the West.

Then we have the twin Tornado 550 and TnT 550, where we actually have the marriage of the two-cylinder engine 554 cc that will henceforth move the new generations Leoncino, TRK and so on. with the well-known sports family of Benelli in dressed (Tornado) and naked (TnT) version.

At the moment this engine has not appeared to us, as the Euro 5 Benelli insist on the well-known two-cylinder in the range of 500 cubic meters, but logically this new generation of the two-cylinder with increased capacity can not be made only for Asian markets. , so we expect to see the new 550 in Europe in the near future – even with the same rated power (47 hp) so they do not go out of frame A2.

As long as these three bikes exist only as designs, we could hardly guess when they are expected to reach production, however the fact that QJ apparently made that noise with the release of the designs on Chinese social networks (as to their origin) is likely indicates the intention to implement soon.

All new 2022 Benelli Tornado TNT 650 and TNT550 HD image Gallary. 

All new 2022 Benelli Tornado TNT 650/550 [2022 Model]

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