All New Honda CL500, a new scramble-style big bike from Wing Nok Camp!

All New Honda CL500, a new scramble-style big bike from Wing Nok Camp!

All New Honda CL500, A New Scramble-Style Big Bike From The Wing Nok Camp! After we have presented the news of the possibility of the All New Honda CL250 previously. Recently, the website has revealed a render (by Shinji Miyakubo) of the big model, the All New Honda CL500, a big bike in scramble style. Come out and let us see each other.

As for the base specs of the All New Honda CL500, it is expected to be the same engine as the 500 Series, with a 471cc inline-twin engine that produces 46.9 horsepower at 8,600 rpm and 43 Nm of peak torque. At 6,500 rpm, it is powered by a 6-speed gearbox, and it is possible that the Assist Slipper Clutch system will be included to enhance the smoothness while changing gears.

The car will come in scramble style. focusing on multi-purpose driving It is expected that there will be elements like Round LED headlights with a gearbox display screen The handlebars are raised to a certain level. High-lifted dual-ended exhaust pipe to avoid obstacles And of course, the tires must be semi-motorized. for driving in this style

Let's wait and see when this project will progress. But look, it's not quite a chance because Honda itself still lacks motorcycles in this line. If there is progress, we will hurry to update it asap.

All New Honda CL500, a new scramble-style big bike from Wing Nok Camp!

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  1. Sign me up. Been waiting for this for 50 years. I will be the first one to put my money where my mouth is.

  2. I just emailed my my local dealer to ask what the reality is to get one of these CL 500's in 22 sometime or if this is just a 5 year pipe dream Honda likes to float on their retro, (in appearance) stuff. Hope to hear some good news but not expecting much. Honda does like to stoke it up a lot.

  3. When I was 20, I wanted but could not afford the 1972 Honda CL450.
    Now the I am 70, I am still riding and can only hope that I get a chance to purchase a CL500.

  4. Can we know the ball park price in USD please. Thanks

    1. Hey,
      hi there,
      expected price will about $6900 to $7,199.

  5. Appears to be in the ball park. I don't know as I would say on the high side but it is a Honda. It is not going to do anything great but will be an excellent transportation and recreational bike. Very decent looking in its published attire, and looks like it could wear a person out on a days ride before the bike gets tired. Liquid cooled and some brakes. Comfortable looking bike. I'll say it one more time, Honda likes to tease a few years before pulling the trigger. They like to get people demanding a product. I'm in. I know what it is and feel confident it would be a quality machine that will outlast the loan and then some. Maybe even become an heir loom if past is any judge.


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