Finally Bajaj is ready to launch 2022 model electric motorcycle production line in June

Finally Bajaj is ready to launch 2022 model electric motorcycle production line in June.

It is said to be behind the start-up brand of electric motorcycle manufacturers in India for many years. Finally, Bajaj, one of the major motorcycle manufacturers in India. It will begin to open its own electric vehicle production line. It is reported that Bajaj will open a new factory with EV production in June this coming.


It cannot be denied that at this time two countries, China and India, Electric vehicles have been developed quite a long way. It is also the main production source of the world that serves to contract production for various brands. both small and large It has a large market segment both domestically and penetration into the European market which is open for this type of vehicle. And it seems that the world's biggest brands are joining forces with manufacturers from both countries to jointly develop electric power models.

Husqvarna e-Pilen

You don't have to look far, KTM, the giant brand from Austria itself. with many customer brands One of these is Husqvarna, which has previously released two electric two-wheeled models, the Vektorr and the E-Pilen, both of which will be based on the new Bajaj factory opening in June. Manufacturing for distribution to markets around the world.

Husqvarna Vektorr 

Bajaj holds a huge market share in the Indian two-wheeler market. and has invested heavily in the production of lightweight electric two-wheelers. focusing on the selling price that must not be within reach for consumers to have broad access Focusing on the domestic market and neighboring countries, Bajaj is currently behind the new start-up brand Chetak, which is synonymous with manufacturing technology. Including distribution through Bajaj's showrooms spread over 300 locations in India and neighboring countries.

In doing so, Bajaj has invested more than $40 million to build a new manufacturing facility. to produce electric vehicles especially Expected to span 500,000 square feet and have the capacity to produce around 500,000 electric vehicles a year, the new facility will be like a One Stop Service that can start and finish the entire process. Whether it's forming, assembling, painting and checking before delivery Including there is also a service section for heavy repairs as well.

The opening of Bajaj's new factory will result in the creation of more than 2,000 to 3,000 new jobs in the community, eclipsing the opportunity after the devastating COVID-19 crisis over the past two years. that cause people to die The domestic economy must slow down. And there are people who are unemployed from this outbreak.

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Finally Bajaj is ready to launch 2022 model electric motorcycle production line in June.

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