E-Racer Bestial-e: a Special based on the Zero SR / F model [PHOTO]A creation with a refined and essential style

E-Racer Bestial-e: a Special based on the Zero SR / F model [PHOTO]A creation with a refined and essential style.

A sculpted and minimalist aesthetic that envelops a heart of electric power. The Bestial-e is a Special introduced by E-Racer Motorcycles , an example based on the Zero SR / F and visible at the 2022 edition of Motor Bike Expo scheduled from 13 to 16 January.

The motorbike

The aesthetics appear essential and elegant, for example by observing the design of the front optical group, the profile and the terminal part of the model. Carbon fiber was used for the tank and the new tail elements, achieving lightness and compactness.
The bodywork is reversible and fits without making structural changes to the original model. The equipment can be placed on the basic model while keeping the homologation. Speaking of solutions, the E-Racer Audio-Forceback system , the E-RAF, is mentioned, thinking about how to improve safety and the driving experience. The E-Racer team worked on these aspects, combining the resources of the partners. Sound engineers, audio systems experts and programmers have been involved in the development of a dedicated app and hardware and the E-Racer Audio-Forceback - E-RAF will be offered to interested customers, as reported.

Returning to aesthetics, the external appearance is the result of a combination of classic styles and more modern sporty features. We note in particular a partially modified tank, which appears more compact and muscular
. an exclusive hand-stitched texture.
The full-LED headlight assembly consists of a single headlight with three different functions: position light, low beam and high beam. There are also two LED daytime running lights located at the end of the handlebar.

Photo: E-Racer

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