All new 2022 YEZDI COMEBACK 2022 Start with Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster let's take a look into it.

All new 2022 YEZDI COMEBACK 2022 Start with Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster let's take a look into it. 

The Yezdi brand has Czech roots, Indian investors and is going head-to-head with Royal Enfield with three new models – Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster.

Behind the comeback of the Czech brand Yezdi is "Classic Legends", the same Indian company that also revived Jawa and BSA. Classic Legends don't tell you anything? Behind this, in turn, is the huge Indian Mahindra group, and with Yezdi it is aiming directly at the competitor Royal Enfield. How direct is shown by the Roadster, Scrambler and Adventure models now being presented, which are all built on the same technical basis.

The heart of every new Yezdi is the 334 cm³ liquid-cooled single cylinder with a bore of 81 millimeters and a stroke of 65 millimeters, which is already familiar from the new Jawa models. The performance of the single with a compression ratio of 11:1 varies slightly depending on the model between 29.1 and 30.2 hp at 8,000 rpm. The maximum torque is given as 28.2 to 29.9 Nm at 6,750 rpm. Two camshafts rotate in the head of the four-valve engine. The mixture preparation is done by an injection. It is shifted by a six-speed gearbox, the final drive is taken over by a conventional chain. The single cylinder is embedded in a double cradle tubular steel frame. The front wheel is guided by a telescopic fork, at the rear the Yezdi Roadster and Scrambler models use two spring struts on a tubular steel swing arm. The Adventure breaks out of this series with a central spring strut and linkage. A 320mm single disc at the front and a 240mm single disc at the rear form the braking system on all models, which is combined with ABS.

Yezdi Roadster

As the name suggests, the Yezdi Roadster comes as a roadster. The cast rims measure 18 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear. Tires of size 100/90 at the front and 130/80 at the rear are fitted. The sheet steel tank has a fuel volume of 12.5 liters. The weight is specified as 184 kilograms, the seat height on the slightly stepped bench at 790 mm. The single-cylinder releases its exhaust gases via a silencer on each side. A small lamp mask above the round headlight provides some wind protection. The number plate sits on a real rear fender along with the rear light and turn signals. A digital round instrument provides information in the cockpit. In addition to a dark version with numerous darkened add-on parts, the roadster is also available with a lot of shine as a chrome version. Both can be combined with the two basic colors green and gray. Prices for the Roadster start at the equivalent of 2,350 euros.

Yezdi Scrambler

Change of scene to the Yezdi Scrambler. Here the wire spoke wheels measure 19 inches at the front and 17 inches at the rear, equipped with a 100/90 tire at the front and a 140/70 tire at the rear. The seat height climbs to 800 millimeters, the weight drops to 182 kilograms. The tank also holds 12.5 liters of fuel. The Scrambler also relies on two low-lying but slightly offset rear silencers. The rear rises slightly and carries the rear light, the indicators and a mini luggage rack on a rump. The license plate was assigned a place on a swingarm arm. A fender sits just above the front wheel, a second well above the tire. A grid protects the round headlight. The handlebars are cranked higher and supplemented with hand guards. The round digital cockpit is adapted from the Roadster, but repositioned. The Yezdi Scrambler is available in one or two-tone paintwork, with the customer being able to choose between three color tones. The Indians are asking around 2,450 euros for the scramblers.

Yezdi Adventure

The new Yezdi model range is rounded off with the Adventure, which could easily pass as a twin to the Royal Enfield Himalayan. At the front it is fitted with a 90/90 tire on a 21-inch spoked rim. In the back, a 130/80 spins on a 17-inch spoked wheel. The enduro has a fuel capacity of 15.5 liters, weighs 188 kilograms and offers the driver a seat height of 815 millimeters on the two-part, stepped seat. Only one rear silencer is installed on the Adventure. Although it is deep, it is clearly positioned backwards. High fenders at the front and rear create the typical enduro look. 

A high windshield above the round headlight provides a good deal of protection. This is also provided by massive crash bars next to the tank. At the rear, a stable tube carrier lurks for the optional case system. Unlike the sister models, the cockpit of the Adventure is equipped with a large, rectangular TFT display, which also has a navigation display integrated in addition to the conventional displays. There are also two design variants and two colors to choose from for the Adventure. The Yezdi enduro adventure starts at the equivalent of around 2,600 euros. All new Yezdi models can be ordered in India with immediate effect. An export is not yet planned.

The Yezdi brand was founded in India in 1973 and served as the new label for the Jawa models manufactured under license by Ideal Jawa since the 1960s. In 1996, Ideal Jawa stopped producing motorcycles and the Yezdi brand disappeared.

All new 2022 YEZDI COMEBACK 2022 Start with Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster let's take a look into it.

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