All New 2022 Yamaha YZF-R9 888cc 3-cylinder Finally launching this year let's check the details of this post.

All New 2022 Yamaha YZF-R9 890cc 3-cylinder Finally launching this year let's check the details of this post. 

All New Yamaha YZF-R9 890cc 3-Cylinder, Ready To Launched This Year! the Yamaha camp has launched the All New YZF-R7 in the past 2021 and the latest news is that In the next generation of the YZF family A new superbike is going to make first appearance of All New YZF-R9, which has confirmed that the trademark of "YZF-R9" has been registered already.

The All New Yamaha YZF-R9 is developed from the latest Yamaha MT-09 engine. It will cover the Full fairing into the bike And positioning the market between R1 and R7, it looks like it is not too difficult to launch this superbike into this market because the R1 may be priced quite high, but for the R9 it is likely to be much more expensive than the MT-09. Naked bike (the price of MT-09 is about $9,399)

Apart from Design and Prices. The bike engine  comes in a 890cc 3-cylinder DOHC 4-stroke engine, cooled by a radiator. It has been analyzed that the horsepower of this model Maybe more than 120 PS probably a powerful bike in 900cc segment. 

To pass the EURO 5 standard as well, some of the features that should be incorporated from the MT-09, whether it is the Quick Shifter system, Slipper Clutch system, upside down front suspension, etc..,

It is predicted that in this year 2022, we will see more clear progress of the New YZF-R9 and it should first launche in America for sure.

Well time will disclose everything stay connected to this channel if there is any progress we will update you soon as possible.

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