All new 2022 upcoming motorcycle from QJ motors Lack of approval documents Revealing the list of new products of QJ Motor

All new 2022 upcoming motorcycle from QJ motors Lack of approval documents Revealing the list of new products.

QJ Motor, a new motorcycle manufacturer from China. The most active since 2020 when the brand was launched seriously. which is not very surprising As we all know that QJ Motor is affiliated with European motorcycle manufacturer Benelli, several models share a common platform. and is only available for sale in China

QJ Motor 600RR

Most recently at the EICMA Show 2021, QJ Motor also participated in this event. Most of them are going to showcase products that are sold in the Chinese market and promoting participation in the Moto3 world championships. But it is not willing to create a trend that the next market of QJ Motor to invade is Europe. Recently, a new product approval document has been released for the company that has been approved by the Chinese government to be available for sale in 2022.

The document reveals a list and updates to three previously available models, the 600RR, 400R and SRV500, with both changes from the sold model and updates to the new engine. The first model, the QJ Motor 600RR, a full-fledged sports fairing at the SuperSport level, will have a slight change in design. The front fairing will retain a similar design to the Ducati Panigale 1199, but with some changes to the side fairings. to cover up the engine It will open only to see the cover of the clutch. Make the car look more sporty and closer to the racing car in the field.

in terms of that mechanism Still using the same 599 cc 4-cylinder engine from last year. which will provide the same maximum power as the original at 87 horsepower (HP), the structure is the same It is shared with the Benelli TNT600. The braking system will be branded by QJ Motor itself, which is undoubtedly an uplift of the entire Benelli brake system, as well as the suspension from Marzocchi. Recently, the company has made an agreement with an Italian shock absorber company. The most interesting thing is that this latest engine passes the EURO5 emissions standard. Sold in Europe as well.

2022 QJ Motor 400R

The next model is the QJ Motor 400R, which is an update from the QJ Motor 350R launched in mid-2021, in line with its predecessor, the high-performance 400RR with a single side rear swingarm and The arrival of the 400R is like taking the performance version down to a lower price point. The new engine will change in terms of the cylinder capacity that was originally 328 cc, expanding to almost a full 400 cc and having a higher maximum power. From the original 36 horsepower (HP) to 44 horsepower (HP).

Of course, this new engine has passed the EURO5 standard. and more interesting information of the car From the information contained in the document stated that Weighing only 179 kg with a full tank of liquids, the 400R is a sports car in the 400 cc class that looks more suitable for use. Most automotive media have been eyeing an update to the parallel SRK400 Sport Naked, which has links to Italian manufacturer MV Agusta, with which the two companies have reached a partnership agreement in exchange. knowledge So it's likely that the SRK400 could be a new body for the Brutale 400 and the 400R could be a new body of the F400 from MV Agusta.

2022 QJ Motor SRV500

The last one is the cruiser line model, the SRV500, which shares the engine with Benelli, which is the same engine installed on the Italian 500cc TRK502, Leoncino and 502C. There is a Modern Cruiser that looks very modern. The car looks exactly the same as last year's model. no change which this model is linked to with the American ally Harley-Davidson Like the SRV300, the entry-level model with a unique V-Twin engine is expected to feature a Chinese-made Mini HD in the future.

All information comes from documents approved for distribution only in China. It is not yet known whether QJ Motor has filed a similar document with the European Union. And looking at QJ Motor's European branding data, it appears that the company is likely to use the network of subsidiary Benelli to set up a European sub-brand as well.

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All new 2022 upcoming motorcycle from QJ motors Lack of approval documents Revealing the list of new products.

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