All new 2022 Tesla Cyberquad 4 wheel electric motorcycle ATV 2022 model.

All new 2022 Tesla Cyberquad 4 wheel electric motorcycle ATV 2022 model. 

All new 2022 Tesla Cyberquad 4 wheel electric motorcycle ATV 2022 model. After launching in November 2021, and it was auspicious for distribution in December. And sold out in a limited number of 1,000 units in less than 24 hours, it makes us wonder what this 4WD ATV is all about. And will it be the beginning of Tesla's entry into the two-wheeler circle?

There is no denying that Tesla is an electric vehicle manufacturer. No. 1 in the world without any doubt. Either way, Elon Musk's move has made the industry. tremble all over You can see it from each tweet. The price of the shares in the tweet immediately skyrocketed.

The Tesla Cyberquad is categorized as an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle), which the manufacturer emphasizes as a vehicle for children. It can only support a weight of 68 kg. It is capable of reaching a top speed on a flat surface of only 16 kilometers per hour. With a 0.288 kWh electric motor and a 36 Volts battery, it supports both 120 and 240 Volt charging, which can run a maximum distance of only 24 kilometers. The selling price per vehicle is $1,900

To put it bluntly, the Tesla Cyberquad is no different from a modern-day toy. But even though we may look at it as saying too strong, but deep down, it meets the goals of the manufacturer. that is intended to be a vehicle for children in particular Therefore, it is not surprising that the car itself can be sold in such a short time. Not because it's a toy that anyone can buy, but because it has the Tesla branding that matters.

So, will this point Tesla to its future focus on developing electric two-wheeled motorcycles? from many shareholders' meetings last time Some roadmaps for the development of electric motorcycles have been presented. But with Musk's individual thinking that he once said Two-wheeled vehicles are “too dangerous”, but building a four-wheeled ATV doesn't seem that different. According to the words of the ancients “Iron clad meat is better than clad steel.”

But the arrival of the Tesla Cyberquad, Elon Musk himself said. “I want to make an ATV that is the least dangerous.” On the other hand, it doesn't look too dangerous from the point of view of adults like us, but what about getting kids to ride? Although the car can speed only 16 kilometers per hour. But it was an accident anyway. even if the speed is less than 10 kilometers per hour If not careful or skilled enough Still, it's dangerous.

all It may look a bit attacking the brand. But at least Tesla was willing to cross the line that he had drawn. Accept the challenge and face more danger. But to decide whether in the future Tesla will have a Cyberquad or electric motorcycles for the general public or not. We really don't know this.

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