All new 2022 Kove Moto EXCELLE 525X ADV motorcycle from China let's take a deep look into it.

All new 2022 Kove Moto EXCELLE 525X ADV motorcycle from China let's take a deep look into it. 

If talking about motorcycles from China nowadays It's undeniable that there are some brands that have evolved close to Japanese-made motorcycles. Or it may be close to manufacturers from Europe that has it all. Like the KoveMoto brand, the brand name might not be familiar to Thai bikers. But it is quite successful in the Chinese market. And there is one model that we would like to introduce to you guys: the KoveMoto EXCELLE 525X, an ADV-style motorcycle that is a cross between the Honda CB500X and the BMW F850GS.

The KoveMoto EXCELLE 525X is the ultimate ADV adventure motorcycle with off-road features. All grades come equipped with gold-plated anodized wire spoke wheels. With a 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch rear wheel, another interesting feature is the suspension. At the front and back are KYB that can be adjusted. Especially the rear will work with a single side swing arm, which is different from the car in the same way from other manufacturers.

The design of the bike may seem a bit ordinary. But it's packed with features that are ready for serious use. Whether it's the driver's footrest That will be the same foot pegs as off-road vehicles without a Clash Bar to prevent damage to the fairing and the engine. The front shield can be adjusted by hand. 

Two-stage, elevated seat Another highlight is the LED headlights that come with special functions. that can automatically turn on and off the high beam through the work with the front sensor system It will automatically turn on the high beam when the road is empty or have a specified distance from the car in front. And it will automatically adjust to low beam when it detects oncoming or approaching vehicles.

Other interesting equipment on the car It will be in fashion. Chasing from the whole LED light system with LED DRLs, brake system from the Kailing brand, which is a single disc, both front and rear, with dual-channel ABS and the ability to turn off the system. TFT display screen with the ability to connect to smartphones Two plug-in, non-convertible USB charging ports.

As for the engine, the KoveMoto EXCELLE 525X is equipped with a 471cc twin-cylinder engine manufactured by Chinese major manufacturer Loncin. That is a plan to lift the Honda 500 Series to produce, but it returns superior power. Which can produce a maximum horsepower 53 horsepower (HP), maximum torque of 50 Nm, with an electronic injection system from Bosch, connected to a 6-speed transmission, a Wet Multi-Pkate clutch with assistance. Assist&Slipper Clutch.

For the selling price of the KoveMoto EXCELLE 525X in China. There will be a unit price of 41,900 yuan, which is approximately 219,838 baht in Thai currency, which looks like a price that should not be difficult to attract riders. Compared to the specification that the manufacturer provides for this size Unfortunately, KoveMoto doesn't have any plans to market outside of China. But in the future we are not sure either.

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All new 2022 Kove Moto EXCELLE 525X ADV motorcycle from China let's take a deep look into it. 

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