All new 2022 DAMON HYPERFIGHTER peak 200 hp electric naked bike from Canada Let's take a look over it.

All new 2022 DAMON HYPERFIGHTER peak 200 hp electric naked bike from Canada Let's take a look over it. 

The Damon Motors Hypersport has not yet been delivered, so the Canadians are pushing a naked version of the electric rocket at CES 2022 in Las Vegas. Damon Motorcycles had already presented Hypersport, a fully faired sports machine with an electric drive, in 2020. In 2022, the Canadians will follow up with an undisguised variant at the CES in Las Vegas. It was christened Hyperfighter and is to be offered in different versions.

The key data of the electric naked bike is impressive: it mentions up to 200 hp, a maximum torque of up to 235 Nm, a weight of less than 200 kilograms as well as complete radar-based safety equipment and electrical ergonomic adjustment while driving. In the $ 19,000 basic version, named Unlimited 15, the electric motor is only allowed to push with 150 hp. The 15 kWh battery here should enable a range of almost 200 kilometers, the top speed of the basic model is specified as 240 km / h.

Above that ranks the Hyperfighter Unlimited 20, for which at least $ 25,000 must be invested. The engine output then climbs to 200 hp, the battery has a capacity of 20 kWh and thus a range of up to 235 kilometers. And the top speed increases to a maximum of 274 km / h. Technically identical to the Umlinited 20, the top model is the Hyperfighter Colossus. Equipped with a special carbon body kit and carbon wheels, the price climbs to $ 35,000. All versions can be reserved from now on. The down payments vary between $ 100 and $ 250. Alternatively, all models can also be leased at monthly rates between $ 264 and $ 485.

Comprehensive security system

The Hyperfighter is based on the previously presented Hypersport and takes over all of its technology. Including the currently unique monocoque concept of the drive unit, which makes an additional frame superfluous. Only the single-sided swing arm is attached to the motor-battery unit with a small subframe. The brake components come from Brembo, the spring elements from Öhlins. A 17-inch wheel with a 120/70 tire turns at the front. The 17-inch rear wheel rim is fitted with a 200/55 tire. Additional features include ABS and traction control as well as various driving modes, a parking brake, networking options and over-the-air update options.

The subject of safety is important to the makers of Damon, which is why both models are equipped with the extensive radar and camera system for better accident prevention. The system records the surrounding traffic, assesses the danger situation and throttles the motorcycle accordingly. There is also the option of adjusting the height of the handlebars and the position of the footrests to two positions at the push of a button while driving. A small windshield is included and can be easily installed. The Hyperfighter can be recharged using the integrated 7.2 kW charger or the fast charger. The charging times are between 2.5 hours and 45 minutes for a filling to 80 percent.

Damon doubles the model range to two. The Canadians are providing the e-super sports car Hypersport with a hyperfighter that uses the unique technology of Damon. These include the monocoque drive - the motor and battery do not have a frame - and the camera-radar system.

All new 2022 DAMON HYPERFIGHTER peak 200 hp electric naked bike from Canada Let's take a look over it.

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