The All new Kawasaki 50 years of Z website is online to celebrate half a century of Zed Heads let's take a look into it.

The All new Kawasaki 50 years of Z website is online to celebrate half a century of "Zed Heads" let's take a look into it. 

The celebrations begin for Kawasaki's "Z" series which turns 50 in 2022. Online a site dedicated to the history and culture of Akashi motorcycles from the 1972 Z900 to the supercharged Z H2 I wonder how even the most insensitive of us, the one for whom the bike is only a piece of metal, a mere object of leisure which does not reserve other attention beyond the half-yearly service, can remain impassive in the face of a good story about motorcycles .

History in a broad sense, both as a tale of custom and as a narration of events that are intertwined even beyond the mere fact of motorcycling: often the events of the manufacturers or of some models are linked in a double way to true history and if anniversaries can sometimes seem to be exclusively celebrations in which - rightly and with good reason - the Houses claim the success of the choices and the depth of their experiences, often it can escape that they allow us to know better the paths that have been made to get to the present day and put them better focus on the motorcyclists we have become , the choices we have made and in those who are faint of heart the second falling in love with a motorcycle invariably starts that - at the time of the first - we did not possess for reasons ranging from immature age to changing fashions.

All this to tell you that Kawasaki celebrates in 2022 the first 50 years of the very successful Z series , the one that started with the amazing Z1 900 which when it arrived was - with its 82 horsepower - a formidable high-performance motorcycle, the starting point of a iconic dynasty that we still find alive today in the new Z650RS , Z900RS  or in the hypertrophic Z H2 1000 just to name a few.

Part of these celebrations is the site that Kawasaki wanted to dedicate to the history of the Zs and to all of its lineage. Very nice , without going into too much detail: the site gives an overview of all the Z models and allows us to discover and become curious about some motorcycles that, perhaps not imported into Europe, have had their importance but, for example, turn around. even the knife in the wound of certain fans of those models no longer in production (yes, we are talking about the ZRX1200R in Lawson Replica colors ) but which still have a not negligible following.

It is also an opportunity to understand the reason for the choice of the "Z" as the distinctive letter of a lineage that had made a banner of performance and the link with racing but which after 1984 has slightly veered towards less extreme targets .

Beautiful vintage material presented, wonderful photo of one of the prototypes of the Z1 already with the characteristic duck bill and very interesting to see the evolution of the design in the collection of the Milestones of the Z series, almost year by year from 1972 up to the Sugomi of today. In short, a site that even if you are not obsessed with the history of motorcycles or Kawasakis you will be happy to browse and that we imagine will prepare the ground for further initiatives for the 50th anniversary of the "Zed heads".

The All new Kawasaki 50 years of Z website is online to celebrate half a century of "Zed Heads" let's take a look into it. 

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