Finally QJ motor Patented new 400 cc engine from QJmotor company.

Finally QJ motor Patented new 400 cc engine from QJmotor company. 

It has become news that has generated quite a lot of current with the latest engine development of the new Chinese manufacturer QJmotor. At the latest, a patent has been revealed to possess the latest 400 cc engine design. And there are rumors that the engine will be developed and re-branded under brands such as Benelli and MV Agusta

2022 MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5 

At the 2021 EICMA Show, MV Agusta unveiled its new Lucky Explorer 5.5, a rally model developed in collaboration with Quanjing, the parent company that currently runs brands QJMotor and Benelli, which Quanjing has made. Contracted with MV Agusta to jointly develop and share knowledge from 2020, the contract states that Quanjing will sell the MV Agusta solely in China. And technically, MV Agusta will be able to use Quanjing's entire platform to produce motorcycles in the future, and Quanjing will also be able to use its know-how to produce the Mv Agusta's 1,000cc four-cylinder engine. Both QJMotor and Benelli can be branded as well.

Recently, it seems that quanjing has started to take action again. With the submission of a new 400cc engine design on the new product code QJ400GS-J, the name for sale is expected to be the QJMotor GS400RR, as pictured in the document. The new engine is said to be capable of producing a maximum power of 44 hp and an overall ready-to-ride weight of just 179 kg.

In the engine layout section If you look through It feels similar to Kawasaki's 400cc engine currently mounted on the Ninja 400 and Z400, as well as having the same 70mm cylinder size, but with a difference in the location of the fuel injection holes. and a slightly shorter stroke

Besides the engine The document also reveals more in-depth body designs. such as a single arm swing arm set that looks superior than a double swing arm and make the car look more luxurious and premium including pictures of the real car There is only one picture, but we are enough to carve the details of the equipment on the car. It has a 41 mm inverted front suspension, twin 300 mm front disc brakes, along with Radil Mount brake calipers. This may make the car look like a sports touring that is more used in everyday life. Sports Replica crouching on the racetrack

It is possible that this QJMotor GS400RR will be transformed into the new Benelli 401R or MV Agusta in a small sport class in the future. Which we have to wait and see when this platform falls into the hands of the Italians. already famous in the field of design The way the car has changed much.

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Finally QJ motor Patented new 400 cc engine from QJmotor company. 

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