All new 2022 Tucano Urbano different ideas for a gift thinking about ChristmasSafety and security in evidence.

All new 2022 Tucano Urbano different ideas for a gift thinking about ChristmasSafety and security in evidence. 

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In view of Christmas, among the possible gift ideas for two-wheel enthusiasts there are some Tucano Urbano .

Tucano Urbano AIRSCUD

A versatile airbag system, with up-to-date safety features and services. A symbiosis between versatility and cutting-edge artificial intelligence, as reported. A solution that can be worn under or over a jacket, even with a backpack. Through the patented ARM LINK system , the vest can be transformed into a CE certified motorcycle jacket in class A.

AIRSCUD can detect the risk and complete the inflation in less than 60 milliseconds, thanks to the artificial power of the In & box control unit , an always connected solution conceived by the French company In & motion, leader in the airbag systems sector. It is the constant updates learned from various users around the world that allow AIRSCUD to offer the most effective protection in everyday travel. What allows this progressive security is the rental or purchase of the In & box, which can be activated with various formulas starting from 10 euros per month, as indicated.
Moving on to the figures recommended to the public (not including the In & box rental plan): for the AIRSCUD vest it is indicated 399.00 euros; for AIRSCUD SLEEVES99.00 euros; for AIRSCUD JACKET € 479.00.

Tucano Urbano EL'FRESH

Always talking about safety, especially the head, EL'FRESH is a functional colorful helmet. A demi-jet distinguishable by design and practicality. The shell is molded in polycarbonate thermoplastic material and there are air intakes to ensure the best ventilation. A rear rib livens up the roundness of the shell. It can be customized by associating a pair of ventilation covers in nine different colors , extending the period of use of the demi-jet, also opting from seven colors for a total of 63 possible versions. The recommended retail price is € 95.90. For the ventilation covers in black there are 9.90 euros and in the colored versions 14.90 euros.

Tucano Urbano HANDWARM

In cold seasons it is also necessary to protect your hands, especially when traveling on two wheels and an interesting solution is a heated glove. Given a PRIMALOFT® thermal padding , HANDWARM is a warming glove characterized by an included and rechargeable battery, whose duration is 4 h at 65.5 ° C on the palm and fingers for a more effective diffusion of heat, according to the indications.

A touch screen solution with a silicone print on the palm to increase grip and is long on the wrist. It also has a waterproof and breathable internal membrane and is CE certified with the homologated soft protection on the knuckles and a soft insert in D3O®on the palm. We point out a recommended amount to the public of 199.00 euros.

Tucano Urbano TUCANORAK

It represents the "tucanata" of the year for those who travel daily by scooter with the cover. TUCANORAK is the first jacket developed for TERMOSCUD®. Specifically, it is an anorak, noting the name, equipped with a TERMOSCUD® READY system that allows you to insert the TERMOSCUD® harness into the large central pocket, giving shape to a single rainproof barrier between the rider's body and the leg cover. 

In the event of precipitation, the drops of water slide on the TERMOSCUD® preventing their arrival between the bib of the leg cover and the rain cover. It has a long cut on the back, in order to hug the hips and the pelvis and protect them from possible splashes of water. It can be configured in three simple steps, by lifting the right flap of the front pocket, inserting the TERMOSCUD® harness under the pocket and closing the harness flap, as suggested. The recommended retail price is € 64.90.

Photo: Tucano Urbano

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