All new 2022 SUZUKI GSX 1100 S with a Yamaha tail KATANA FROM AC SANCTUARY.

All new 2022 SUZUKI GSX 1100 S with a Yamaha tail KATANA FROM AC SANCTUARY. 

The katana was first owned for almost 40 years and was hardly used in the corner. In 2021, the old GSX 1100 S was converted by AC Sanctuary into the RCM 500. The garage kept getting bigger, cars and motorcycles more and more expensive. A katana stood in the shadow of luxury vehicles for a good 40 years. It was parked there shortly after it was bought, but the first owner never wanted to sell it. Just get it back on the road at some point. That was the wealthy owner's plan. The American branch of AC Sanctuary takes on the classic.

AC Sanctuary RCM 500

Real Complete Models, that means the abbreviation RCM and marks machines that AC Sanctuary converts according to fixed specifications. RCM means making a classic Japanese with an adapted chassis, new chassis and refreshed look into one-offs. The standard tubular frame of the Suzuki is reinforced in the area of ​​the swing arm bearing and combined with a new aluminum swing arm from Sculptur. A 5.5-inch rim from OZ Racing, soled with a modern 180/55 ZR 17 tire, rotates in it.

 Fully adjustable Öhlins STX-36 stereo shock absorbers connect the chassis and the shortened rear end. The front rim also comes from OZ. It rotates in an Öhlins retro fork of the type FG 621. Brake caliper adapters are adapted to this fork with a stanchion tube diameter of 43 millimeters in order to radially screw the GP4X calipers from Brembo.

R1 stern on the katana

The katana should be visually clearly recognizable. However, the tail-heavy designs of the 1980s are too bulky today. AC places the rear of a current Yamaha R1 with its two diffusers and characteristic lighting on the adapted rear frame. The GRP conversion turns the bench into a tight single-seater. The carbon look comes from the water transfer printing, which gives the entire body a chic 90s style. The style-defining parts of the katana such as the tank, side cover and of course the front fairing remain almost original and are only slightly adapted to the new style.

More displacement

The original Katana is based on the oil-cooled engine of the GSX 1100, had 1,075 cubic meters and officially 100 HP. In the RCM, the quad gets a big-bore kit, which increases the displacement to 1,135 cubic meters. The crankshaft is finely balanced. Mikuni TMR flat slide valves supply the revised cylinder head with mixture, the timing is set by means of elongated chain sprockets, and the camshafts are ST-1 models from Yoshimura. A Watani ignition causes the mixture to explode and a titanium system from Nitro discharges the exhaust gas into two rear silencers.

Hardly any motorcycle model has been shorter on the market and has a greater legacy. Suzuki only offered the Katana with its unique look from 1981 to 1985. AC Sanctuary brings these unique shapes with the RCM 500 into the year 2021 and combines the Suzuki front with the short rear of a Yamaha R1. The client is the first owner of the katana, who had it in the garage for almost 40 years and who is giving it a second spring.

All new 2022 SUZUKI GSX 1100 S with a Yamaha tail KATANA FROM AC SANCTUARY. 

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