All new 2022 RGNT NO. 1 CLASSIC IN THE DRIVING REPORTA wonderful contradiction let's take a Full look into it.

All new 2022 RGNT NO. 1 CLASSIC IN THE DRIVING REPORTA wonderful contradiction let's take a Full look into it. 

Sounds like a contradiction in terms: "Elektro" and "Classic". After all, electric motorcycles are supposed to embody the future and tend to have a futuristic style. Not so the RGNT No. 1 Classic, the shape of which is more reminiscent of the 1960s and 70s. 

In Weil der Stadt, Wolfgang Streicher only sells e-bikes and electric motorcycles with license plates and mandatory helmets: "We are completely electrified and have turned our hobby into a profession." As one of currently four retailers in Germany - there should be around a dozen in 2022 - he is already giving me the transponder for RGNT (pronounced: Regent) No. 1 Classic in hand.

RGNT No. 1 Classic with 15 hp

RGNT is a Swedish start-up company founded by Lina Kanstrup and Jonathan Åström. We already reported about it on . In 2019 they made their vision a reality in the tranquil town of Kungsbacka. Today 40 employees are already handcrafting the electric motorcycles, which were inspired by the 1960s and 1970s. In 2022, 1,000 machines are to be built in a classic, timelessly beautiful design language. But I am now sitting on a pre-production copy of the RGNT No. 1 Classic. It starts moving almost completely silently.

The secret is the direct drive via the wheel hub motor in the rear wheel. There are no "transmission noises" for chains or toothed belts, including no tram starting noises. Just give electricity and enjoy pure, distilled silence. The acceleration is quite subdued. Of course, the promised 15 HP peak power (in fact almost 17 HP arrive at the rear wheel) with a weight of 167 kilograms cannot tear up trees. The RGNT No. 1 Classic has similar dimensions to a Yamaha SR 500, but is lighter and weaker. Nevertheless, it seems artificially throttled in the traffic light sprint. The motto is harmonious-linear, non-explosive dynamics.

Suitable for driving licenses A1 and B196

The RGNT No. 1 Classic, with its 8.5 kW continuous output, can also be driven with the A1 driving license and the B196 driving license extension. Petite for a motorcycle, powerful for a 125cc. On the country road, the electric motor locks up when the speedometer reads 120, which is a real 115 km / h. Well, in the place where an engine is usually located, there is a monumental black battery block. It stores 7.7 kilowatt hours and weighs a whopping 60 kilograms alone. The massive, non-removable battery pack, made in Austria, is framed by a classic steel double loop.

The juice, recharged with household electricity, is enough here and now for a leisurely 100-kilometer lap across the country, provided you voluntarily stay behind dozing car drivers and fully loaded trucks. The RGNT No. 1 Classic. However, strangely enough, the 7-inch cockpit touchscreen does not show the remaining range. But that's the central question with an electric motorcycle. And the display of the battery capacity cannot be relied on. To do this, the cockpit could be linked to a GPS and even some kind of cloud. Modern times in the classic. This also includes "crystalline" looking LED indicators from Motgadget. The mix of styles from different eras looks like a wickedly expensive custom bike.

The dummy tank made of aluminum is a glove compartment

Metal fenders with struts at the front, a chrome headlamp and spoked wheels cite the past. A chic retrospective. The same applies to the wonderful brown leather saddle (made in Sweden) and the luggage rack, which is set at an angle, as with the blessed Simson Schwalbe; both are optional. The coronation of the RGNT No. 1 Classic is without a doubt the hand-lined aluminum tank dummy painted in British Racing Green. Splendid! And practical. Because this is where a glove compartment is hidden.

The chassis of the RGNT No. 1 Classic you can see the pre-series status. The stereo struts on the short swing arm are relentless. You work surprisingly tight to uncomfortable. On the other hand, the rebound stage of the telescopic fork is completely underdamped with its nicely polished dip tubes: After compression, it pops out again as if there was no oil in it. And the combination brake combines the high manual force of the two levers with a moderate effect. The surfaces look dull, the delay is poor. A mechanical ABS because a hydraulic one is missing? Well, spring elements and brakes should be significantly improved in today's current "1.5" series. In addition, the rear was converted to 17-inch tires. Our test model still rolls on classic 18-inch monitors. The "Roadrider Mk II" tires from Avon consultants stick well in dry conditions.

All new 2022 RGNT NO. 1 CLASSIC IN THE DRIVING REPORTA wonderful contradiction let's take a Full look into it.

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