All new 2022 MV Agusta innovations ranging from city mobility to exploration on two wheels Full series let's check out now.

All new 2022 MV Agusta innovations ranging from city mobility to exploration on two wheels Full series let's check out now. 

The examples of MV Agusta mobility are diverse, ranging from the urban environment to mountain bends. Compact solutions for getting around the city and performing models with a refined design.


A range of electric scooters and e-bikes. There are several models that reproduce the typical characteristics of the Varese brand in the segment of micro-mobility and urban mobility. Design and assembly is carried out in Italy according to the standards of craftsmanship typical of MV Agusta and in Morazzone, in the province of Varese, a new ad hoc plant has been created which brings together the research and development staff and the workers who assemble the products of the e -mobility.

Electric scooters represent another front of transversal mobility and specifically the Rapido model and the Morazzone concept are listed.
The MV Agusta Rapido Serie Oro electric scooter, covered in black, red and gold, features a lightweight magnesium alloy frame and a 500W motor. Among the features reported also include: Full LED lighting, large display and 6.5-inch wheels equipped with as many disc brakes. The autonomy is greater than 50 km.
The Morazzone concept , then, depicts a combination of high technology and classic suggestions, with functional electronics and thrust.

Moving on to pedal assisted bicycles, the AMO R access model is available in 3 color variants and is recognizable by the refined essentiality with internal cable routing and the carbon transmission belt. A model designed for those who want to approach the world of e-bikes. The AMO SV model with retro lines refers to the sought after MV Agusta Superveloce. A model proposed in two black and red with Brooks Crambium C17 saddle, Magura hydraulic brakes and Pirelli Angel GT Urban tires.
Moving on to the AMO RR, recalling the exclusive MV Agusta Rush 1000, it is offered in four colors, two of which introduced for 2022: the gray-yellow and gray-red combinations. There are new grips and a brand new and further comfortable saddle. The tires are Pirelli Angel GT Urban.

AMO RR Pinion , an example of advanced technology, is a performance model. Noteworthy is a Pinion Drive Technology with six-speed gearbox and smooth and fast transmission, with technology derived from the automobile. Solutions for dynamic driving, minimizing wear on components.
At the top is the AMO RC Pinion model with nine-speed gearbox and Pinion technology.
The EVO concept was also reported, a junction point between MV Agusta motorcycles and e-bikes. A project with a monocoque carbon fiber frame and single-sided support for the rear wheel and the braking system. Among the aspects highlighted is the rear hub which also acts as a support for the transmission belt and allows you to change the wheel without removing anything else, as on the brand's motorcycles.

Motorcycle 2022

The proposal for access to the brand consists of the examples of the Rosso range, specifically the Brutale Rosso , Dragster Rosso , Turismo Veloce Rosso and F3 Rosso models , all motorcycles with attention to detail. The colors vary from the Turismo Veloce Lusso and Turismo Veloce Lusso RC
models , with a new chromatic proposal for the former based on Black Carbon metallic and Dark Gray metallic matt. There are also news for the Dragster proposal, in particular two liveries for the RR version: a fire red with intense black and dark gray; then a pearl metallic yellow with intense black and matt metallic dark gray. Same goes for the
Dragster RR SCS .

New colors also for Brutale 1000 RR and Brutale RR . The first is associated with a combination of colors with metallic carbon black, mamba red and matte metallic dark gray, while the second is a garment characterized by fiery red and intense black tones.

Moving on to the models of the Superveloce range , the standard set-up is embellished with two new color options, reaching four options. You can choose between the combination of a pearly metallic yellow and matt metallic graphite, with glossy black wheels like the frame, or a Rosso Ago associated with Ago silver, with glossy black wheels and frame.
While the Superveloce S it is covered in a new metallic carbon black color flanked by a matte black, therefore the frame and wheels are in gold color.

Speaking of new models, the MV Agusta F3 RR is the evolution of a project with a refined design and energetic on the road and also on the track. The refinements concern the frame with an increase in torsional and longitudinal stiffness. There are appendages on the sides made of forged carbon fiber obtaining a load of 8 kg on the front at 240 km / h. Work was also done on the top fairing, which is higher, then on the mudguard with an unprecedented design that better directs the air towards the radiator.

A targeted aerodynamic study that strengthens its efficiency together with a refinement of the electronic equipment.
The three-cylinder in-line engine features new main bearings and connecting rods, and the countershaft has been redefined to reduce inertia and improve reliability. The exhaust system has also been reconfigured to improve the power and torque curves. Power reaches 147 horsepower.

MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RSa new interpretation of dynamism results with a Marzocchi fork and specific Sachs single shock absorber related from a technical point of view to the Brutale 1000 RR. A project developed considering ride comfort, expanding the range of action of use. The electronics and engine follow the evolution path of the RR, with aspects that refine its reliability and use. In addition, the handlebars have been raised, the saddle is characterized by specific padding and the footrests have been specially developed to make the riding position less extreme.

Exclusive and powerful is the new Brutale 1000 Nürburgring, the most extreme of the Brutale models with a four-cylinder engine grown between the curves of one of the most famous and demanding circuits in the world, the north ring of the Nürburgring or equally known as Nordschleife. Made in partnership with the German circuit, it is distinguishable by the specific color on a metallic silver base with brushstrokes of the classic Nürburgring red.
The bike is made in a limited and numbered series of 150 pieces with a specific plate placed on the steering plate. Among the aspects also a reduced weight, considering the adoption of carbon fiber BST rims with hub machined from billet and, to increase the load on the front axle, a downforce has been defined which is present flush with the front optical group.

There is also a kit that includes a titanium exhaust system built on the basis of the Superbike experience by the partner Arrow.
Among the novelties there is also the refined and sporty Superveloce Ago , a special limited edition series of the top of the range Superveloce. A new model that refers to the well-known champion, after the MV Agusta F4 Ago and F3 Ago.

The coloring is dedicated and composed of the combination of a gray / silver and a racing-inspired metallic red called Rosso Ago.
Several elements of the fairing are in carbon fiber and the adoption of Öhlins suspension adjustable in all compression and rebound functions is highlighted. There is also a kit supplied with an Arrow asymmetrical exhaust system with two tailpipes on the right side and one on the left.

In all 311 pieces assembled by hand, such as the races won by Giacomo Agostini, of which the first 15 are dedicated to the world titles won by the famous champion, which feature on the tank, also characterized by a precious leather strap, a celebratory plate in fiber carbon that shows the year of the title won. Each piece is signed by Agostini.

Lucky Explorer Project

Another interesting project linked to MV Agusta that ranges towards the off-road sector. The 5.5 and 9.5 specimens are bikes that recall tradition, but at the same time are innovative from different points of view.
Defined with the partner QJ, the Lucky Explorer Project 5.5 is recognizable by an essential and characterizing style that takes its cue from the rally raid and with an optimized electronic equipment. It is equipped with a two-cylinder in-line engine increased in displacement up to 554 cc.

The 9.5 is a prospect of the future, a premium adventure equipped with a new MV Agusta 950 heart and characterized by technological solutions. A bike that recalls the sporty nature of the stoic Elefant with an identifying style and a steel frame with a closed double cradle scheme. The aforementioned engine is a three-cylinder in-line that has grown up to 931 cc, with the same dimensions as the 800 engine from which it derives and there are also two solutions for the clutch, opting between SCS or standard with a CYBORG electro-actuated gearbox proposed as an option, as reported.

Photo: MV Agusta

All new 2022 MV Agusta innovations ranging from city mobility to exploration on two wheels Full series let's check out now. 

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