All new 2022 MOTO GUZZI V850X New V7 version with Le Mans let's talk about it in details.

All new 2022 MOTO GUZZI V850X New V7 version with Le Mans let's talk about it in details. 

Moto Guzzi is working on other innovations related to the V7 concept. The V850 X is announced as a special version and collector's item. In the latest evolutionary stage, Moto Guzzi had equipped the V7 model family for model year 2021 with the 850 from the Enduro. Moto Guzzi is now announcing another model variant based on this - the V850 X. The design of the V850 X, which comes from Miguel Galluzzi, should be unconventional, cheeky and innovative and no longer have anything in common with the classic look of the V7 , the Italians promise on a microsite that has meanwhile been set up especially for this model . The Italians had previously had the model name V850 X protected by the Italian patent office.

With light off-road ambitions

The Moto Guzzi V850 X is developed in Piaggio's US design center. Accordingly, it will also be optically inspired by the United States. In plain language this means that it mixes scrambler and flat track elements. Guzzi has already confirmed Michelin Anakee II tires, new Kayaba suspension elements, light off-road suitability and a ready-to-drive weight of 213 kilograms. The steering head area of ​​the frame is further reinforced, a wider swing arm offers space for a thicker rear tire. Guzzi has even named the colors for the new V850 X. It will be available in Sunshine Yellow and Twilight Gray. An A2 version is also available for novice drivers.

Already in November a Erlkönig was spotted in Italy - unfortunately we have no rights to the pictures, so we cannot present them here - which shows a new model around the V2 engine, which with its curved side panels on older Le Mans models remembered from the late 1980s.

Modern look with a retro reference

The side panels extend seamlessly from the tank in an arc to the high rear. Above it sits a stepped, one-piece bench. In front of the conventional fork, the prototype drives a square LED headlight that is flanked by deflectors over the fork legs. Overall, the V7 would have much more modern lines, and Guzzi would have succeeded in building a bridge to its own past. The V2 can be clearly identified as an 850. The exhaust system, however, relies on much more voluminous, black rear silencers. The built-in spoked wheels appear classic. We expect a presentation of the Moto Guzzi V850 X in early 2022.

Guzzi brings another, modern drawn variant around the 850 architecture of the V7 models. The V850 X mixes scrambler and flat track elements.

All new 2022 MOTO GUZZI V850X New V7 version with Le Mans let's talk about it in details. 

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