All new 2022 Model DUCATI STREETFIGHTER V4 SP naked Super Duc FULLY CONFIGURED for 49,000 euros

All new 2022 Model DUCATI STREETFIGHTER V4 SP naked Super Duc FULLY CONFIGURED for 49,000 euros.

Anyone who orders the Streetfighter V4 SP "with everything" from Ducati pays almost 50,000 euros and thus almost 17,000 more than the naked one costs. It's true, of course: Only with the complete list of accessories in the configurator does the Streetfighter V4 SP scratch the 50,000 euro mark, not all price drivers make sense and very few make the motorcycle better. 49,418 euros for a fully equipped top version, the SP costs 32,990 ex works: What do you get for the surcharge for which you could buy the new Streetfighter V2?

Things that make things worse

The optional magnesium rims are available at 4,800 euros and without any sense in the context of SP. They look chic, but: The Super Streetfighter comes from the factory with carbon rims. Not only are they included in the price, they are even lighter than the expensive magnesium parts. Basically there are only two reasons why an SP becomes heavier for just under 5,000 euros. First, the buyer has no idea. Second: The buyer has a clue and would like to trim the handling of the SP on one or the other racetrack if the light carbon rims seem too nervous. Admittedly, both reasons are a bit constructed.

Things that don't make it louder

The Akrapovic titanium silencer for the SP also costs 4,800 euros. Interesting: It only has an approval for the EU and the current emission standard Euro 5. This muffler is not approved in other parts of the world. As a consolation, it is not allowed to add anything to the 208 hp on paper and weighs - I'm sorry, 800 grams less than the series part. By the way: Due to the lack of a picture, the racing system can be seen in the pictures.

Things that hardly make it easier

Another 2,500 euros are easily invested in the SP in the form of coal. Almost all plastic parts of the V4 can be exchanged for carbon counterparts. It is not documented whether this will significantly change the dry 177 kilos.

Things that can hardly make you more beautiful

Fans of milled aluminum can invest a good 1,600 euros in the Streetfighter V4 SP directly at Ducati . Tank caps, mirrors, expansion tanks, covers for the dry clutch, running light flashers and all kinds of small parts can be ordered from the factory. Visually, they seem to come from the Italian high-quality milling machines from Rizoma. For a special style, Ducati offers colored anodized front brake calipers for 800 euros. The Stylema pliers are available in red or black for an additional charge and are the answer to the never asked question about the color of the brake. Thank you Ducati.

Respect. A Volle-Hütte-SP of the Streetfighter V4 for just under 50,000 euros. Almost 17,000 euros more than the ex-factory SP costs. Of course a lot of carbon, precious aluminum and some technical upgrades. The big chunks with 4,800 euros each are a titanium muffler that is hardly lighter, doesn't perform well and is only approved in the EU. And the magnesium rims, which are heavier than the standard carbon rims. Colorful brakes for 800 euros hardly matter.

All new 2022 Model DUCATI STREETFIGHTER V4 SP naked Super Duc FULLY CONFIGURED for 49,000 euros.

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