All new 2022 LIVE WIRE GOES PUBLIC Live Wire IPO with Kymco let's take a look into this matter.

All new 2022 LIVE WIRE GOES PUBLIC Live Wire IPO with Kymco let's take a look into this matter. 

Imptags : All new 2022 LIVE WIRE GOES PUBLIC Live Wire IPO with Kymco let's take a look into this matter, Specifications, Top Speed, Hd image Gallary, MSRP price, price, specs.  Live Wire goes public with Kymco and the acquisition company ABIC. This completes the desired spin-off from Harley-Davidson.

Basically, Harley boss Jochen Zeitz had already announced the move as part of the hardwire strategy: electric mobility from Milwaukee is to become the technology leader. The next step: hire electrical specialists who have achieved great things at Ford, among others. Finally the launch of the LiveWire brand. Up until now, LiveWire stood for the company's only electric model that we are showing in the picture gallery. From July 2021, new models are to be developed, built and sold under this label alongside the pioneer motorcycle.

Live Wire goes public

Live Wire's IPO is expected to bring in a good $ 545 million. In addition to the Live Wire parent Harley-Davidson, the Korean manufacturer Kymco and the acquisition company ABIC are involved in this step . ABIC in particular is important in this construct, as it administratively takes over the IPO of Live Wire. In return, ABIC itself receives 17.3 percent of the shares, the founders of ABIC 4.3 percent. Kymco will also take over 4.3 percent. 74 percent of the shares remain in the hands of Harley. ABIS itself will invest a good $ 400 million in the IPO, Kymco and Harley $ 100 million each. The time has come in the first half of 2022 and, according to analysts, Live Wire is worth a good 1.77 billion euros.

Harley believes in electro

Harley-Davidson currently anticipates an electric motorcycle market worth between $ 20.4 billion and $ 28 billion in up to 10 years. The markets are currently electric with between 1 percent in the US and 26 percent in China. By 2026, the numbers are expected to rise to 10 percent and 45 percent. By the way: Harley and Live Wire sold 387 Live Wire One in 2021. By 2025, Harley wants to have sold more than 53,000 e-units, in 2026 it should be over 100,000 and in 2030 just under 200,000. Not all Live One models, of course, but two-wheelers of all classes. There was a foretaste of this in the form of the new Arrow drive.

Harley waiver saves $ 7,000

The first LiveWire-branded motorcycle was presented at the International Motorcycle Show on July 8, 2021 in Irvine, California. It didn't turn out to be a new electric motorcycle. The machine called LiveWire One is basically the well-known Harley-Davidson LiveWire with minor software updates. As LiveWire One, however, it has to do without a Harley label - both in the name and on the motorcycle. The color scheme is new. The LiveWire One is only available in white or black. The price is also new: At $ 21,999, the LiveWire One is around $ 7,000 cheaper than the previous version with the Harley label. In the USA, LiveWire One is available immediately from selected LiveWire dealers and online. The cheaper electric motorcycle is not expected to hit international markets until 2022.

This is how the brand should work

LiveWire should function as an independent brand outside of Harley-Davidson and build its own identity. The focus will initially be on urban mobility, which means that the current LiveWire will probably remain the spearhead in terms of performance for the time being. 

Conceiving electric mobility in the first steps for inner-city traffic is a strategy that some manufacturers are adopting on the way from combustion engines to electric motors. The Pierer Group as the mother of KTM and Husqvarna as a comparatively small manufacturer (270,000 motorcycles in 2020) as well as the production giant Honda (17 million units in 2020).

This is how LiveWire is supposed to work

Harley-Davidson still operates from the same place it was when it was founded: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company headquarters has been in the same place since 1913. On Juneau Avenue. Just a block from the old Davidson house, which had the first cabin to make motorcycles in 1903 in the garden. 

LiveWire is deliberately not intended to take place at this location. The new brand is to be managed locally and virtually via two hubs in Silicon Valley and Milwaukee. Live Wire takes a similar approach to market development: the existing dealer network is to be used to present the new brand in its own way, but not under the Harley flag. Supplemented by own showrooms at selected locations, independent of the existing Harley-Davidson shops.

Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz gets old lady Harley up to speed: Crass cuts, sensible adjustments, well-known personalities, new products, the establishment of a new brand within the brand and its IPO - these are felt to be more changes in two years than Harley in the in the last 120 years. May the company go the same way Puma did back then, when Zeitz put the sign of the club sponsor Kreisklasse on a world brand.

All new 2022 LIVE WIRE GOES PUBLIC Live Wire IPO with Kymco let's take a look into this matter. 

Imptags : All new 2022 LIVE WIRE GOES PUBLIC Live Wire IPO with Kymco let's take a look into this matter. Specifications, Top Speed, Hd image Gallary, MSRP price, price, specs. 

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