All new 2022 KTM 125 DUKE PUT TO THE TESTA beast with offspring let's take a look into it.

All new 2022 KTM 125 DUKE PUT TO THE TESTA beast with offspring let's take a look into it. 

KTM describes the smallest Duke as "Spawn of the Beast". Our first test impression of the Euro 5 KTM 125 Duke: successful respawn of the 2020 model. What can you expect from a 125 cubic light motorcycle these days? Would a gear indicator be asking too much? Maybe a quickshifter? After all, a lot has to be switched. 

Certainly a color digital display, isn't it? In addition to engine speed and speed, the display of time and fuel consumption? Maybe bluetooth connectivity for the media savvy youth? ABS has to be there, front and rear - can it also be switched off? Light weight is set, but what about sovereignty aka power and torque as well as comfort thanks to a relaxed, yet active driving position? Many questions. And the answer?

125 Duke with high quality display

If the segment of the hundred and twenty-five is very different, it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model. Bringing the demands of the young and wild ones in line with their mostly tight budget requires compromises. The increased interest of older customers, who tend to be more affluent, as a result of the code number B196 - i.e. the 125 driver's license for drivers - does not usually make things any easier. You might think so. In fact, the KTM Duke 125 is doingnot that difficult at all with juggling the various requirements. Its big advantage lies in its adult stature: it still shares the chassis with the larger and more powerful 390: frame, geometry, swing arm, fork and shock absorber are identical - and therefore designed for a lot more than the typical 125 mm requires.

Added to this is the gene pool of the larger dukes that has been bred over several generations and is also found in the DNA of the smallest family member. The most obvious evidence of Austrian heredity: for outsiders, the insect face of all modern dukes, shaped by the LED headlights. And for those sitting on top, the high-quality and informative color display.

This is happy to inform the driver about everything the KTM 125 Duke can do and what it can do: namely, get a lot of range from little fuel thanks to neatly coordinated injection, thanks to the rev counter, gear indicator and shift light, you can always be on the move quickly, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, the music - or control podcast playback and, thanks to the ABS that can be switched off on the rear wheel, also perform small shows.

Driving impressions KTM 125 Duke

Despite the Euro 5 update, everything remains essentially the same - and therefore good. Although half a horsepower is missing on the test bench compared to its predecessor, the 2021 model with 15.4 horsepower is anything but weak. In addition, the well-known virtues remained: lively throttle response, powerful torque, high smoothness, smooth transmission, aggressive seating position, comfortable ergonomics, firm chassis, smooth cornering, easy handling, snappy brakes and, as before, a sovereign single-cylinder sound. The 2021 KTM 125 Duke is a successful respawn of the 2020 model; if you are on level-ups, you will enjoy Euro-5 and the two new color variants.

All new 2022 KTM 125 DUKE PUT TO THE TESTA beast with offspring let's take a look into it. 

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