All new 2022 Kawasaki Versys 650 and Ninja H2 SX SE Adventure Tourer or Sport Tourer For tourism enthusiast

All new 2022 Kawasaki Versys 650 and Ninja H2 SX SE  Adventure Tourer or Sport Tourer For tourism enthusiast.

Kawasaki Versys 650 and Ninja H2 SX SE are dynamic and technological expressions on which you can travel for a long time. 

Kawasaki Versys 650 for 2022

A refined model considering practicality and dynamism. For 2022 the color variants are proposed: Metallic spark black / metallic flat spark black ; Metallic phantom silver / metallic flat spark black / metallic spark black and Candy lime green / metallic flat spark / metallic spark black .

The bike has a redefined windshield with a simplified adjustment of the windshield on four positions and, as an option, there is an increased windshield. Headlights and directional indicators are full LED and for the first time on a Versys 650 model there is a two-level selectable KTRC traction control.
The instrumentation is visible on a color TFT screen with Bluetooth connectivity, by connecting your mobile device via Kawasaki's Rideology app. A USB socket is also available among the original Kawasaki options.

The chassis is slender, a tubular pattern associated with the narrow profile of the engine, the suspension with long travel and the 17-inch wheels . The tank can hold 21 liters of fuel, offering a wide range. It does not change the engine setup, a parallel twin 649 cc .

Moving on to the set of side cases, the option with color matched to the paint is confirmed, while the top case is renewed and more capacious. The versions pre-equipped with original Kawasaki accessories are worth mentioning. Together with the already known Tourer Plus and Grand Tourer variants, the Urban and Tourer versions also stand out. In any case, by consulting the accessories catalog, it is possible to configure a model according to need.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE for 2022

For the powerful Sport Tourer, the following are worthy of note: a keyless ignition, LED cornering light and tire pressure monitoring via a 6.5-inch color TFT screen, driving modes, power mode and panniers. The color combination with Emerald Blazed Green / Metallic Diablo Black / Metallic Graphite Gray is planned for 2022 and also a Kawasaki SPIN solution as standard, a "screen in screen" infotainment system that allows a connection to the smartphone and access to approximately 20 apps on the TFT panel for different functionalities.
Driving aids include Forward Collision Warning (FCW), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD).

The first, with three selectable settings, operates on the distance of the other vehicles from the moving vehicle, giving a visual warning via an LED strip above the screen, when the motorcycle arrives at a predetermined safe distance from the vehicle moving in front. The pilot is always in control of the vehicle. Adaptive Cruise Control is always linked to three possible distance adjustments from surrounding vehicles and, when the bike reaches the set distance adjustment, it actively self-manages, assisting in any deceleration. The brakes are activated automatically and the engine speed is slowed to preserve the distance indicated. As the distance increases, it gradually returns to a set cruising speed, as reported. 

The functions already mentioned are connected to the front radar sensor, while the rear one is focused on the BSD or blind spot detection, when a vehicle is present in the so-called blind spot of the motorcycle. A light in the rear-view mirrors lights up as a signal to the motorcyclist. 

Another feature of the bike is the Balanced Supercharged engine platform , made and produced by Kawasaki. Aspect associated with the various technical solutions such as electronic suspensions, engine brake management control, multi-level traction control, riding modes, launch control, cornering management function and quick shift as standard in engagement and downshifting.

Also reported is a standard function called vehicle hold assist (VHA) which supports when starting off uphill also considering a passenger and fully loaded luggage. When the rider stops, the VHA is activated after pressing the rear and / or front brake lever. The system disengages automatically when the rider accelerates on the throttle again or when the side stand is down.

Also highlighted is the emergency stop signal, another function that “pulses” the brake light in the event of an abrupt stop.

Photo: Kawasaki

All new 2022 Kawasaki Versys 650 and Ninja H2 SX SE  Adventure Tourer or Sport Tourer For tourism enthusiast.

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