All new 2022 HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER NIGHTSTER Small Harley with a big engine as early as 2022?

All new 2022 HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER NIGHTSTER Small Harley with a big engine as early as 2022?

The platform of the new Sportster S is intended to serve as the basis for a new family. The name seems to be Nightster. Visually, it comes close to the well-known cruiser scheme. It should come as no surprise that Harley-Davidson is not leaving the attractive technology of the new Sportster S exclusively in one model. With the discontinuation of air-cooled sporties, there is no interesting offer at the lower end of the price range. The successes of the cheap Iron models of the old generation resonate strongly and have to be confirmed. In March 2021, Harley-Davidson again registered the model name Nightster as a trademark. From 2007 to 2012, the 1200 Sporty was available as a very reduced version with this nameand was eventually replaced by the Iron range. Fitting to this: popped up pictures of a Harley with the new engine, which the name Sportster would do well. Less complex than the Sportster S and therefore cheaper to classify. Another new model for 2022?

Harley-Davidson Sportster Nightster

In contrast to the Bronx study, which is already ready for series production, or the announced flat tracker, the - admittedly - blurred images of the supposed new Sportster variant show the chopper-like genes of a Sportster Iron, Custom or Low . You can see the new Revolution engine, bolted to the load-bearing capacity, a single seat with a rear fender that looks familiar, and a 2-in-1 system that has just been laid. The complete rear superstructure in particular makes a clear difference to the recently introduced Sportster S.

Simple landing gear

The rear also differs in the technical design: if the S swings with a tubular swing arm with central spring strut, the possible Nightster carries stereo struts, which suggests a simpler swing arm construction. The front of the new model is characterized by a conventional telescopic fork with a brake disc and an axially bolted brake caliper. The brake should come from Brembo again, but probably from the somewhat cheaper segment.

1,250 or 975 cubic?

The aforementioned Bronx was known to get the new engine in a 975 cubic version. In other words, a Nightster 975 would also be conceivable, possibly even without the Sportster in front of it. However: In terms of model history, the idea would be to bring the name Iron, which is associated with success, with the small displacement, as in the 2000s, and to treat the Nightster with the 1,250 cc engine. An Iron 975 or Nightster 1250 would be candidates for safely expanding the series.

Iron, Bronx, Bareknuckle, Nightster, 48X

Just a month before Nightster, Harley also had the name Bareknuckle, which translates as "blank", protected. Although it was flirted it was a broad marketing project, but it doesn't really require a protected word mark. In other words: A maximally minimalist version of the Bareknuckle based on the Sportster S is conceivable. Further research gives the Bronx some air again: This word mark has also been protected since the beginning of 2018. The model was almost finished. It feels like someone just has to press the button. By the way: On the same day as Pan America, Harley also registered the 48X word mark. And like no other number, it stands for Harley's entry-level bikes based on the Sportster with a big engine and great success on the market.

which new Harley are you? Fact: The new Sportster S is "only" the flagship of a new model family with modern technology. The only thing that remains to be seen is what the models are called and what they look like. Blurred images of a corresponding model show a classically drawn light cruiser that combines many features of different sporties of the old days. Harley recently had a few names protected: Bareknuckel, Nightster or 48X are hot candidates.

All new 2022 HARLEY-DAVIDSON SPORTSTER NIGHTSTER Small Harley with a big engine as early as 2022?

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