All new 2022 Gwangyang unveils the CV3 three-wheeled scooter launched.

All new 2022 Gwangyang unveils the CV3 three-wheeled scooter launched. 

The Gwangyang CV3 three-wheeled scooter concept gained attention and was unveiled in early 2017, but it appears to be still in the conceptual stages of development after an official patent application was filed last year. and revealed a photo of a Spy Shot running on a road test. that was revealed this year And most recently, it appeared at various auto shows in its debut at the International Motorcycle New Car Exhibition in 2021.

And at this event, Guangyang has officially released the CV3, priced at $428,000 NT, or about 517,616 baht. The CV3 is based on the camp's belt-driven AK550 model. It is equipped with a 550cc inline twin-cylinder liquid-cooled engine producing a maximum horsepower of 51.6ps at 7500rpm and a peak torque of 53Nm at 5750rpm.

The special feature of the CV3 is that the body structure comes in the form of a three-wheeled scooter. which has used upside down shock absorbers It uses the same front four-wheel shock mechanism as the Yamaha Niken GT instead of the dual design. It can achieve a maximum tilt angle of 40 degrees and electronic protection. The features and accessories provided are all typical of today's scooters.

Another special feature Is a Multi-Fit rear seat design, where the back seat can be disassembled to install the loading platform and has a side box with quick release devices on both sides. Comes with communication tools, 6-inch color TFT LCD screen, keyless start. TPMS tire pressure monitoring, ABS+CBS system, automatic speed control electric heating handle Manually adjustable two-level windshield

The Gwangyang CV3 has been showcased at several mainland auto shows. So there is a possibility of future release. which may have new models On the AK550 platform, more will definitely come out in the future.

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All new 2022 Gwangyang unveils the CV3 three-wheeled scooter launched. 

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