All new 2022 DUCATI MONSTER S2R 800 Initiated it's work on This super bike let's take a look.

All new 2022 DUCATI MONSTER S2R 800 Initiated it's work on This super bike let's take a look. 

Brent planned its conversion for six years, and the conversion took three more. He didn't just want to rebuild a little something, he wanted to get the most out of it right away. It would certainly have been enough for a new set of tires. Some say. Others could say: "The lattice arm is finally coming into its own." And they'd all be right about Brent Smedley's Ducati Monster S2R 800 . He christened his first work Antevasin, which in Sanskrit means someone who "lives on the border", and by that means the boundary between genius and madness, on which he dances with the self-constructed frame.

New frame

The basis of the Antevasin is a Monster S2R 800 from 2006. Brent started the conversion in 2018, when he was already planning his first custom bike for six years. He cuts the frame directly behind the steering head and pulls a new backbone made of steel tubes for the Monster on a self-made frame gauge based on the principles of a central tubular frame with an attached rump tail. He manufactures the new swing arm bearing for the original lattice swing arm as aluminum. The front end of the Ducati also remains series.

New tank

The highlight of the new frame is the 18 liter tank between the central tube and the beams to the engine. Brent makes it out of sheet steel and finds a place for the original fuel pump. Since the new tank is in the place of the old airbox, the injection is converted to individual filters on short intake pipes. In order to finish drawing the path of the mixture and exhaust gas, Brent welds a new stainless steel elbow system with a single silencer from individual pipe segments.

Almost a minor matter

Brent works in real life sports medicine and taught himself all metal-related skills prior to the rebuild. In addition to the new frame and manifold, the small details seem almost simple. Starting with the new battery holder next to the horizontal cylinder or the new front fender and holder: Looking is a pleasure. Not only does Brent do all the steel work himself, he also knits the copper for the new wiring harness himself and uses the Mo.Unit from Motogadget and the Motoscope Pro Gauge to set up a new on-board network.

If this is really going to be Brent's first conversion, hats off. There are many beautiful things about this Ducati Monster S2R. Above all, the new frame and tank testify to skill and imagination. The worn tires and the floating saddles at the front may bother the aesthetes, but they could be changed quickly.

All new 2022 DUCATI MONSTER S2R 800 Initiated it's work on This super bike let's take a look. 

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