All new 2022 DUCATI DESERTX A Ducati for the big bike let's take a look on it.

All new 2022 DUCATI DESERTX A Ducati for the big bike let's take a look on it. 

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All new 2022 DUCATI DESERTX A Ducati for the big bike let's take a look on it. Ducati has created a real enduro. Without any chichi, but with a lot of terrain expertise. With 21/18 inch tires, large ground clearance and modern electronics. A functional, adaptable off-roader as a sensual Bella macchina. Born to explore.

Ducatis DesertX has the desert in its name, is a desirable bella figura: wiry, sinewy, muscular. Filippo Marri, the project engineer in charge, explains: "We have built a real V2 enduro with 21 and 18 inch wheels." A Ducati for the big picture. The DesertX is reminiscent of the Cagiva Elephant Rally. It was created in the 1980s at Cagiva in Varese, the Ducati parent company at the time. In 1990 and 1994 Edi Orioli won the Paris – Dakar rally twice with it.

Ducati DesertX quotes Cagiva Elefant

The matt white lacquer with the sloping, red stripes on the sides of the front paneling cites the Cagiva Elefant 750/900 from the 1990s, but transforms shapes and colors. A face in the crowd is the double spotlight with broken circles under the eyes. Style is easy in Italy. The non-adjustable screen of the Ducati DesertX has a chic spot pattern.

The heart of the Ducati DesertX is a water-cooled V2. In terms of design, the DesertX changes in different ways than the Desert Sled presented in 2017 with 19/17 inch tires. That one has an air-cooled 803-cubic-V2 with 73 hp. In contrast, the DesertX takes over the current stage of the Testastretta 937 engine - including the latest improvements to the clutch and transmission. Ducati's new Monster won the big naked bike comparison test at MOTORRAD in 2021.


The Ducati DesertX provides 110 hp at 9,500 rpm - more than the off-road travel enduros à la Honda Africa Twin and Yamaha Ténéré 700, KTM 890 Adventure and Triumph Tiger 900 Rally. The 90-degree V2 pushes the maximum torque of 92 Newton meters on more moderate 6,500 tours. Now the inclined enduro rider doesn't want to win any races. Therefore Ducati does not equate "performance" with sheer power, emphasizes "good drivability and real off-road mobility".

DesertX also as an A2 version with 48 hp

Compared to the Multistrada gearbox, the first and second gears are significantly shorter for tricky passages, and the sixth gear is longer in order to save fuel on connecting stages. Long 15,000 maintenance intervals are praiseworthy, and valve clearance checks are only performed every 30,000 kilometers. There is an automatic gearshift with blipper function (downshifting) as standard. Do you have to pull the hydraulically operated clutch at part load / low speeds - that's nice and easy. For A2 driving license holders, there should be a 48 hp version of the Ducati DesertX.

The Ducati DesertX should weigh 223 kilograms, including oil and 90 percent fuel. The balance should be right, with a little more load on the rear wheel. A light lithium-ion starter battery rests under the seat. The spokes are thicker than on the 950 Multistrada. But despite the large wheel hubs, the wheels are lighter than the 19/17-inch wheels from the Multistrada sister. The 21 liter tank hugs the aesthetic front panel. At the front, the fuel barrel is pulled far down, with a favorable center of gravity. An additional eight-liter rear tank with a separate fuel pump is available as an option. Refined.

875 millimeters seat height!

The Ducati DesertX feels light when you first try it out. And high. 875 millimeters seat height. Tribute to 230 millimeters of spring travel at the front and 220 at the rear, including a generous 250 millimeters of ground clearance. Optionally there is a higher rally seat, a two centimeter lower seat and a lowering kit. The wide, butted aluminum handlebar is great to hand. Its grips with a heated grip option have plastic hand protectors.

The spring elements from KYB are fully adjustable. The shock absorber is supported directly against the fine aluminum swing arm. Practical: the spring preload can be adjusted in no time using the handwheel. Brembo's firm, radially mounted M50 monoblocks are coupled to an axial master cylinder. The goal: "soft dosage in the field, but really good braking power on the road".


Ducati has extensively tested the DesertX offroad. The tank is nice and narrow at the transition to the bench. "When standing, the driver finds the ideal ergonomic triangular arrangement for perfect drivability," it says proudly. Even Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali and five-time enduro world champion Antoine Méo were part of the test team in Sardinia and Africa. For off-road use, the main frame has been reinforced compared to the Multistrada, especially at the engine mount. In the sand, the DesertX is said to "drive excellently". Nomen est omen.

Approvals for more extreme studded tires

Tubeless tires Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR "A" sit on wire-spoke wheels with angled valves. The narrow 90s at the front should lead well off-road. "These tires work well on sand and soft gravel," it says. There are also approvals for more extreme knobby tires, such as Conti TKC 80 and Metzeler Karoo 3 or asphalt-loving rubbers à la Pirelli Scorpion Trail II. Full range.

The driver assistance systems such as the cornering ABS from Bosch are extensive. Level 3 is intended for road use. In level 2 the ABS regulates the front and allows "partial blockages" at the rear. At level 1, the ABS only works at the front for off-road use. In the Enduro and Rallye riding modes, ABS can be completely deactivated. The Ducati DesertX has six driving modes: Sport, Touring, Urban, Wet, Enduro and Rally. Each has an effect on the intervention levels of the eight-stage traction control, wheelie control and cornering ABS. All of this can be combined with four power modes in three power levels: 110, 95, 75 hp. A cruise control is installed for boring connection stages.


Ducati DesertX from April / May 2022

The pillion seat and pillion rests are easy to dismantle, the rider footrests are jagged with a rubber pad. A plastic protector protects the water cooler. As an extra there is a protective grille for the headlights, crash bars and a main stand for removing the rear wheel and maintaining the chain. A large aluminum suitcase set including a topcase and a special driver's suit from Dainese are a matter of honor.

The Ducati DesertX will go on sale from April / May 2022. Ducati has not yet announced the price. So it's time to save and dream of the Trans Euro Trail. The desert is waiting for this flower.

All new 2022 DUCATI DESERTX A Ducati for the big bike let's take a look on it. 

Imptags : All new 2022 DUCATI DESERTX A Ducati for the big bike let's take a look on it, specifications, top speed, HD image Gallary, MSRP price, price, specs.

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