All new 2022 BLACK TRACK MOTORS BT-05 CENTO MOTO GUZZI GRISO The Guzzi for 118,000 euros from the mantra designer.

All new 2022 BLACK TRACK MOTORS BT-05 CENTO MOTO GUZZI GRISO The Guzzi for 118,000 euros from the mantra designer. 

Blacktrack Motors only builds selected pieces. The latest is a 1200 mm Griso with a tubular frame for 117,900 euros. 118,000 euros and the donor motorcycle is not even included. "Sauwa die Hoor gschnitte." (Cut your hair cleanly), such a circumstance is mentioned in some regions. Blacktrack Motors offers the latest creation BT-05 Cento by creator Sasha Lakic at exactly these conditions. 10 months waiting time is included in the price, taxes and transport not. A converted Guzzi for a six-figure sum What is there for the coal?

Guzzi from the Bimota designer

Blacktrack maker Lakic is a master of design. Countless prices for automotive designs speak for themselves. Among other things, the Voxan Black Magic is one of his highlights. On the other side of success is the Bimoto mantra. For several years now, Lakic has been designing and building very exclusive café racers under the Blacktrack label. It all started in 2015 with an incredibly good slurry pump. The current model is the Guzzi creation BT-05.

8V twin with 1,380 cubic meters

The basis of the BT-05 Cento is the drive of the Moto Guzzi Griso 1200. The 8V twin is drilled out to 1,380 cubic meters and has an output of 136 hp and 144 Nm. Performance data that looks familiar from the Radical Guzzi 1200-based engines. The original gearbox and final drive are retained at the power plant. Zard builds the exhaust system exclusively for Blacktrack. The entire chassis has been redesigned and built by two other masters in their field.

Chassis by Guareschi

Guzzisti and gourmets of frame construction get their hands wet with the name Guareschi. In the second generation, the brothers in Parma build and develop race-ready chassis for all Guzzi models in history. Very similar to the Varano frame, the Guareschis of the BT-05 have built a chassis in the style of a café racer. The main and rear frames together weigh just over 12 kilograms. A fully adjustable FGRT fork from Öhlins hangs in the steering head. A TTX strut from Öhlins works in the CARC swing arm. Magnesium rims from Marvic rotate in the suspensions, which are decelerated by Brembo calipers.

Carbon body and aluminum art

The tank cover and the rear section are designed by Lakic and have professionals build them from carbon. The designer does the same with the milled aluminum parts for levers, holders and footrests. The new cockpit is based on the new fork bridge with half-height stumps and the Motogadget Motoscope instrument, which is connected to the Can-Bus from the same company.

50 kilos diet

The BT-05 is exactly 50 kilos lighter than a Griso 1200 and only weighs 175 kilograms dry. Alternatively, Blacktrack offers a fiberglass body that weighs six kilograms more. It is not known for which version the 117,900 euros apply. What is clear, however, is that there will only be 10 Cento units. So it is a matter of hurrying up who has the price easily on his pocket.

It takes big eggs and an enormous ego to convert a 1200 Griso and charge 118,000 euros for it. The individual parts themselves never reach this amount, you pay the time and the name of the world-class designer. Sasha Lakic is a big name in automotive design and his four motorcycles so far and one Restomod Porsche are unique vehicles. The BT-05 Cento combines the skills of the designer with the skills of his partners for chassis, running gear and add-on parts.

All new 2022 BLACK TRACK MOTORS BT-05 CENTO MOTO GUZZI GRISO The Guzzi for 118,000 euros from the mantra designer. 

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