All new 2022 BIMOTA KB4 AND KB4 RC Bimota KB4 price revealed let's take a look into it.

All new 2022 BIMOTA KB4 AND KB4 RC Bimota KB4 price revealed let's take a look into it. 

Bimota has announced a second model with the KB4 and is presenting two new models at EICMA 2021. Prices are known in Japan. Kawasaki and Bimota have officially been a team since EICMA 2019 and with the support of Kawasaki's Europe department, Bimota wants to regain its old glory with new models. The Tesi H2combined with the supercharged engine from Kawasaki and the well-known Ackermann steering chassis from Bimota. But it doesn't stop at a new model. In a teaser video that was published at the end of 2019, Bimota announced KB 4. 

In 2021 the KB 4 will finally be at the EICMA in Milan and will vote itself the most extraordinary motorcycle at the fair. So far, Bimota has not announced any prices for the new models, the price for the KB4 has recently been known from Japan. It is said to cost 4,378,000 yen there, which is the equivalent of 34,000 euros. Compared to the prices of other European motorcycles, five to eight percent should be added.

Bimota KB4 RC

But the KB4 is not alone. Bimota immediately unveiled another model: the KB4 RC. A naked bike with stumps in the style of a modern café racer, basically an unbolted KB4 with the same chassis and engine. 

Technical data known

It has long been certain that Bimota will use the drive of the current Z 1000 SX from Kawasaki for the KB4. With 142 PS and 111 Nm from 1,043 cubic meters, it is strong in the juice. The KB4 doesn't get any more than that. The complete chassis of the KB4 has been significantly changed, and that is no surprise either. At 1,390 millimeters, the wheelbase is a whopping 50 millimeters shorter than that of the SX. That would make it clear: The KB4 comes as a single-seater. You won't find any pillion rests in the previous photos. This allows a very short and light rear frame. The KB4 will be a very light motorcycle for all of Bimota: it weighs 194 kilograms with a full tank, making it 41 kilograms lighter than the Kawasaki.

Air-cooled engine?

At first glance, no cooler disturbs the view of the manifold system. The four from Kawa is not air-cooled: the radiator sits under the hump, directly above the rear wheel and is supplied with cooling air through the air ducts on the side.

Suspension art from Bimota

As usual, Bimota flatters fans of extravagant chassis technology with the KB4. The front is guided by a conventional USD fork, without semi-active controls. Things get more interesting at the rear: the aluminum swing arm can be adjusted via an eccentric bearing at the pivot point, which could explain the unconventional position of the shock absorber in the swing arm: it faces back and appears to be eccentrically mounted on the upper screw eye.

With the KB4, Bimota brings the second model from the new partnership with Kawasaki. It is much more conventional than the Tesi and relies on the drive technology from the Ninja 1000 SX.

All new 2022 BIMOTA KB4 AND KB4 RC Bimota KB4 price revealed let's take a look into it. 

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