All new 2022 ARC VECTOR ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE Arc lifts the panel is finally up let's take a look.

All new 2022 ARC VECTOR ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE Arc lifts the panel is finally up let's take a look. 

For the first time Arc shows the technology of the Vector. The chassis seems to be constructed from a load-bearing battery and motor. The extremely advanced ARC Vector bike not only uses the possibilities of a human-machine interface, it also shines with exotic materials, fascinating components and the most modern architecture, wrapped in a futuristic cladding. Without which Vector shows itself for the first time and allows a look at the chassis.

Over 400 km range

The Vector's front wheel is guided by a rocker arm with a stub axle steering. The rear wheel is in a banana swing arm. Both swing arms are made of carbon and equipped with Öhlins spring elements. The wheels from BST are also made of carbon and covered with tires in the standard format 120 / 70-17 at the front and 180 / 55-17 at the rear. Brembo contributes the brake components: Stylema pliers with 320 mm discs at the front, a 240 mm disc at the rear. The complete monocoque stretches in an S-shape from the headlight to the rump behind the mono seat. Arc specifies a weight of 220 kilograms, the seat height is 840 mm.

The Vector's electric motor has an output of 103 kW and 86 Nm at the engine, as well as 397 Nm at the gearbox output. The built-in battery system comes from Samsung and should enable a real range of around 320 kilometers in city traffic, with around 200 kilometers left over land. The standard range is given as 436 kilometers. For the sprint from zero to 100 km / h, Arc specifies 3.2 seconds, the maximum speed should be 200 km / h. If a fast charger is available, the charging time should only be just under 30 minutes.

Motorcycle interacts with the driver

Another feature seems to be even more spectacular than the optics: ARC calls it Human Machine Interface, i.e. an interface between driver and machine. The motorcycle is intended to draw the driver's attention to various dangers with haptic signals (vibrations) in the items of clothing specially made for the motorcycle. 

The integrated power supply is sufficient for an operating time of two hours. The energy storage of the jacket can be recharged directly on the motorcycle. The dangers are detected by various sensors on the motorcycle. In addition, the helmet, which is equipped with a head-up display, a reversing camera and internet connection, is networked with the on-board functions. All functions are controlled by voice. As a further feature, the helmet has an active, three-stage ventilation system.

Networked system tried out

At the EICMA we were already able to feel how the system of fully networked motorcycling works on the ARC e-bike: Take a seat directly on the ARC using VR glasses and set off on a "test drive" through a digital city. Wild scenarios are created by computer, which demand all of the driver's senses: trucks in the blind spot, lane changers, abrupt braking of the cars in front, bad weather, darkness. 

Because the ARC driver is fully connected to his motorcycle, as much assistance as possible is displayed in his field of vision. Because the ARC bike comes standard with a helmet with a head-up display, audio system and reversing camera.

This VR simulation of this helmet system was more than impressive at the fair. It will be even more impressive when the suit equipped with additional sensors will be ready shortly. So far, only a prototype has been seen at EICMA. Finally, when you are fully equipped on the road, the driver also receives the warnings physically, for example by tapping a sensor in the back protector on the right shoulder if you overlook a vehicle in the blind spot when changing lanes.

The whole sensor system, explains ARC CFO Alan Simpson, is designed to give the driver the feedback that without a combustion engine is suddenly missing or that is completely different on an electric motorcycle: noises, gear changes, acceleration, braking. The ARC bike is the beginning, in the pipeline is an ATV that is designed similarly to the motorcycle.

All new 2022 ARC VECTOR ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE Arc lifts the panel is finally up let's take a look. 

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