All new 2022 Aprilia different forms of sportiness even beyond the asphalt let's take a look into it

All new 2022 Aprilia different forms of sportiness even beyond the asphalt let's take a look into it.

Decisive shapes with lively engines. The sporty character of Aprilia can be recognized by looking at the SR GT “urban adventure” scooter , the RS 660 Limited Edition and Tuono 660 Factory , then the Tuareg 660.

Aprilia SR GT

A scooter designed to ride in urban realities and beyond, with solutions that recall the world of enduro. It is a new example of the Aprilia Urban Mobility overview with aesthetic elements that, together with the typical Aprilia sportiness, refer to the off-road world, given a wide motorcycle-style handlebar, long-travel suspension and a pronounced ground clearance to which tires with a generous section are added. with “all-terrain” tread.

The optical groups are full LED with three elements, a suspended windshield stands at the top with the aforementioned naked-style handlebar and a die-cast aluminum riser on which the Aprilia logo appears. The handlebar controls are also of motorcycle origin. In addition, the instrumentation is digital on an LCD screen with various information that can be recalled via the MODE button.
The riding position is less rearward and more inward than a compact GT scooter, being able to assume a more forward and relaxed position. There is also an ergonomic footboard that on the outside seems to recall the protective plates of off-road motorcycles.

Together with the Aprilia SR GT there is also a Sport set-up characterized by sportier graphics and finishes. Aprilia SR GT can wear the Aprilia Black, Street Gray and Infinity Blue colors, all with footrests, sides and passenger handles in silver gray. The saddle is black with gray stitching and black rims.

The Sport variant evokes the liveries of sports bikes with satin Street Gold, Iridium Gray and Red Raceway colors associated with a two-tone black and gray saddle with red stitching and red colored rims. On the sides of the shield you can see the large Aprilia “a”, the central tunnel and the sides are in matt black, the passenger handles in the same color as the vehicle and the Aprilia writing appears on the silver gray footrests.

The 25-liter underseat compartment can accommodate a full-face helmet, but accessories are also offered to enhance the scooter's load capacity, including a spacious 33-liter aluminum top box. The tank has a capacity of 9 liters and offers about 350 km of autonomy. The weight is of 144 kg with a full tank, which become 148 kg opting for the specimen 200.
The versions have propulsion units of the family-get electronic injection with four valve cylinder heads and liquid cooling are homologated Euro 5.

Together with i-get single-cylinder engine of 125 cc , on the Aprilia SR GT 200 model a brand new 174 cc single-cylinder makes its debut . The maximum power of the most compact unit is 11 kWat 8,750 rpm with a peak torque of 12 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The power of the unit featured on the 200 model reaches 13 kW at 8,500 rpm with a peak torque of 16.5 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Aprilia RS 660 Limited Edition

Thinking back to the success in the 2021 edition of the Twins Cup, the US series starring the medium-displacement twin-cylinder bikes in MotoAmerica, a special numbered edition of the RS 660 has been introduced. In total 1,500 units characterized by a livery that recalls the colors of the US flag. A look derived from the graphics seen in the race in Vallelunga on the bike of the Twins Cup champion, Kaleb De Keyrel, invited to participate in the last stage of the Aprilia RS 660 Trophy as a prize for the triumph on American soil.
The bike is characterized by a badge located on the tank indicating the numbering and the limited edition.

There is an oversized front fairing and software that allows you to set the quick shift gearbox in an inverted configuration. According to the needs, this element can be configured independently without replacing any element, in the street or overturned type, making it practical for example to drive on the track during a track day event.
The bike, as reported, includes some of the "racing" content of the competition version and the sporty character is emphasized in particular by a single-seat tail cover, highlighting the development of the rear area. The passenger seat is offered as standard, while maintaining the two-seater homologation.

Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory

A gritty specimen with Factory Dark livery and a functional weight / power ratio. This two-cylinder naked is also distinguishable by a single-seat tail in black and red, associated as standard together with the saddle and footrests for the passenger. These, like those of the rider, are the same as the lighter Aprilia RS 660.

There are electronic APRC controls with Ride-by-Wire electronic accelerator and a six-axis inertial platform. The presence of an inertial platform has also made it possible to use a “bending lights” function with additional headlights linked to the LED headlight assembly with perimeter DRL signatures. It also indicates a multi-map Cornering ABS solution contained in weight and dimensions, refining braking and ABS intervention when cornering with a specific algorithm and five customizable Riding Modes, three of which can be used on the road and two on the track.

The weight / power ratio is refined with the use of a lithium battery of low weight for an overall decrease of about 2 kg, for a curb weight of 181 kg in the face of increased engine performance.
The specimen is equipped with suspensions suitable for sports use, considering a Kayaba fork with 41 mm stanchions adjustable in the hydraulics in compression and in rebound and in the spring preload, together with a Sachs shock absorber with separate tank is adjustable in rebound, compression and in the spring preload.
The engine is a 660 cc forward twin cylinder with double overhead camshaft distribution and four valves per cylinder which is load-bearing and houses the aluminum swingarm at the rear.

Maximum power rises from 95 horsepower on a Tuono 660 to 100 horsepower on this model at 10,500 rpm. Maximum torque remains at 67 Nm at 8,500 rpm.

Aprilia Tuareg 660

Another recent novelty of the brand characterized by a lean and technological appearance, as well as a chassis designed to venture on multiple surfaces.

The design is the result of the work carried out by the Piaggio Group's PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena, California, recalls Adventure-type motorcycles with distinctive details such as the minimalist full LED headlights with perimeter DRL and the double fairing that acts as a aerodynamic appendix. The color variants are Acid Gold , Martian Red and Indaco Tagelmust , this one recalls the look of the 1988 Tuareg Wind 600.

The bike is 2,220mm long, 965mm wide, and the wheelbase extends 1,525mm. The saddle is placed at 860 mm with a resized arch-horse, favoring the support of the feet on the ground. The development of the contact area with the tank is also indicative, given a capacity of 18 liters, as is the curb weight of 204 kg.
Several technical and technological solutions define a versatile model which is associated with a 659 cc (660) parallel forward-facing twin-cylinder propulsive heart derived from the 1100 cc V4 front bank with Euro 5 homologation.

Power reaches a peak of 80. horsepower at 9,250 rpm with a torque of 70 Nmat 6,500 rpm. There is also a variant that can be reduced to 35 kW .

Photo: Aprilia - Piaggio Group

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All new 2022 Aprilia different forms of sportiness even beyond the asphalt let's take a look into it.

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