2023 Stark Varg electric Motocrosser First Look From Spain let's have a look.

2023 Stark Varg electric Motocrosser First Look From Spain let's have a look. 

Fast Facts is typically how we cover a new motorcycle model. When a new company introduces a motorcycle, it makes many claims that are impossible for us to verify, so we have little factual information to present. Let's look at the performance claims for the 2023 Stark Varg electric motocrosser.

Stark Future was founded in 2020, just outside of Barcelona. Anton Wass is the CEO and founder of Stark Future. Wass co-founded the profitable motocross e-commerce websites XLMoto and Sledstore in Stockholm before founding Stark Future. He worked there for 11 years. During his run, he earned an MBA from Stockholm's Företagsekonomiska Institutet. Wass is certainly a successful marketer and someone who is involved in motocross.

Stark Future claims to have created a highly disruptive motocrosser in less than two years-the Varg, which means "Strong Wolf" in Swedish. The industry sets benchmarks for combustion-engined motorcycles, and it focuses on minor incremental steps each year, according to a Stark spokesman. "Stark Future has blown away this outdated and environmentally harmful standard. Our company wants to take motocross out of its rut, and we've analyzed and beaten every yardstick there is."

The battery has a 6 kWh capacity and weighs 32 kilograms (just over 70 pounds). Stark also claims the air-cooled motor delivers 80 horsepower and 69 ft-lbs of torque (the spec sheet claims 938 Nm, which leaves out a decimal point). Range fluctuates between 35 minutes at MXGP race speeds (about the same as a full tank of gas) and "six hours of easy trail riding." Recharging is claimed to take "one to two hours," but does not provide a fixed number or charging time.

For comparison, the 2022 Zero DS (dual-sport) has a battery pack with a nominal capacity of 6.3 kWh, which is close enough for this example. With 46 horsepower and 78 ft-lbs of torque, the Z-Force 75-5 motor is much less power-hungry than the Varg. At 55 mph, the Zero has a range of 49 miles, less than an hour. The FXE's stated city range is 82 miles, which is charitably rated as four hours at low speeds. Our experience has also been that the Zeros (and electric motorcycles, in general) do not reach their claimed range numbers, though they're getting closer.

Stark Future's numbers are in the ballpark, though they claim to be hitting home runs. The company describes its battery system as "one of the most compact and energy-dense in the world," which is quite a feat for a company that is only two years old. In addition to the patent-pending magnesium honeycomb casing, the 'slippery fingers' cell holders, a pressure relief system and a one-sided powerboard that configures the battery cells, the motor also features "advanced technology and ideas."

ICE bikes get lighter as they burn fuel, but the 2023 Stark Varg weighs 242 pounds, making it about the same curb weight as Austrian 450 motocrossers.

Hard parts appear to be top-notch. KYB suspension, with input from Technical Touch in America, Brembo brake calipers, Pirelli Scorpion MX32 tires, Excel rims with CNC-machined aluminum hubs, stainless steel footpegs, and an innovative click-based chain adjustment system are all included. The frame utilizes the motor as a stressed member, and the subframe is made of carbon fiber. Our opinion is not favorable about the "patent-pending super-robust 'floating' dual compound skid plate that eliminates the need for a lower section of the frame and offers supreme protection."

A major advantage of electric motors over internal combustion engines is the ability to tune the power delivery electronically. A smartphone app allows the rider to control the engine braking, flywheel effect, and traction control, as well as the power curve.

Two names provide credibility: two-time World Motocross Champion Sébastien Tortelli, who also campaigned in Supercross, and Supercross Main Event winner Josh Hill. Tortelli is the Testing Director, while Hill is the Brand Ambassador. These are the riders in the action photos.

The list price of the 2023 Stark Varg is an aggressive $11,900, with an estimated delivery date of September 24, 2022—you can put a deposit down on the Stark website. That’s a price $705 more than the 2022 Zero DS and just $100 more than the 2022 Husqvarna FC 450 Rockstar Edition. Will Stark succeed where Alta Motors failed? With the delivery date 10 months away, there’s the always-present vaporware concern, so order wisely. We hope it’s as-presented and look forward to riding it.

2023 Stark Varg electric Motocrosser First Look From Spain let's have a look. 

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