2022 DUCATI MULTISTRADA V4 PIKES PEAK Prototype of the super sporty upright burner.

2022 DUCATI MULTISTRADA V4 PIKES PEAK Prototype of the super sporty upright burner.

It will be the RR multistrada for hardcore DucatistiMOTORRAD was able to test the high-legged racer on the street. MOTORRAD was able to test Ducati's Pikes Peak version of the Multistrada V4 in California and found that it has given up a lot of multifunctionality, but has increased it quite a bit on the street side. Does that make them a better choice?

Dream roads for the new edition

The road builders really let off steam on the mountain slopes in the Palm Valley near Los Angeles. The strip of asphalt winds its way up through the rocky landscape. In some places it does it in such clear, seductive omegas that you just have to let it fly: parade terrain for the new Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak

The model variant is named after the famous mountain in Colorado, where the famous hill climb "to the clouds" has been taking place since 1915. Recently, unfortunately, with negative headlines, because multiple winner Carlin Dunne had a fatal accident there in 2019 with a Ducati - and since then you have no longer wanted to have motorcycles in the race. But every sixth of the old V2 multis was a Pikes Peak version. Accordingly, not only the Americans wanted such a V4 remake.

Rather offroad based

Only this time there was a problem. Ducati had a single ambitious goal with the complete redesign of the Multistrada: namely to overburden the overpowering BMW R 1250 GS. For this reason, the Multistrada V4 had to be a 19-inch front wheel suitable for offroad and touring. But that stood in the way of the sporting ambitions of a Pikes Peak. Now you could have simply swapped the front wheel in Bologna and sprayed the typical Pikes Peak paintwork with white fields - that's it! That would have been too easy for Ducati, however. In addition to the 17-inch bike and the MotoGP-inspired regalia, the new one got a few extra goodies. In addition to the front wheel size, this also includes the choice of material. The Marchesini forged wheels weigh four kilos less than the multi-tool. A few carbon parts such as on the fender and in the pulpit lining as well as the separate exhaust shaved off a few pounds. If you order the racing exhaust, you can save another five kilos.

The better landing gear for the Pikes Peak

The semi-active chassis from Öhlins works in the same way as the Panigale V4 S. Although the Pikes Peak have remained the Brembo Stylema pliers from the Standard Multi, the pads also come from the Panigale Superbike. In addition to the front wheel, the big unique selling point compared to the basic multi is the single-sided swing arm. And sportier ergonomics that are immediately noticeable when you swing into the saddle of the Pikes Peak. The handlebars are much flatter, the footrests are higher and moved further back. However, that does not mean that it folds you up on Pikes Peak like a super sports car, there is too much space on the large motorcycle for that. But you can feel the clearer emphasis on the front wheel, and that's what the sports soul wants.

V4 flexes its muscles

And let's go - up the mountain! You can feel the change immediately, but first celebrate the smooth running of the unchanged V4 engine with the 170 hp peak output in the city traffic of Palm Springs. Responsiveness, pulling power, gear changes, push operation, gliding - the four-cylinder without desmodromic valve control is a dream drive. First in the "Touring" driving mode, then later on the mountain in the hands-on "Sport". And that is one of those moments that Pikes Peak makes so eventful overall. Then when she tenses her muscles at the exit of a curve and stoically and calmly shoots out of the lean position.

Aha when bending

The first aha experience is already waiting at the corner entrance. There you can feel exactly what the new ergonomics compared to the standard multi, the lower weight, especially with the unsprung masses, and the slightly changed geometry are causing. The Pikes Peak folds down wildly determined, takes its course purposefully, never looks wobbly, wags effortlessly from one side to the other and almost craves curves with flawless asphalt, where you can let it run in nicely over the front wheel. The handling is amazing for such a large motorcycle that still weighs 239 kilograms. On this type of road, Pikes Peak looks really fluffy. And yet stable, which is probably due to the slightly longer wheelbase (+ 28 mm) and flatter steering head angle (+ 1.25 degrees) with more caster (+ 17.5 mm).

Technology fits

The pace that is so imposing is supported not only by the sporty Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV, but also by the superbly adjustable and resolutely biting brake with three ABS selection levels and the formidable gearshift with up / down function. The electronics, taken directly from the Panigale and only adapted for the Pikes, fit into the picture, in which you can roam around using a clear menu navigation, select driving modes and adjust individual parameters such as wheelie control, engine drag torque and slide control. It works so well that, for example, at the low anti-wheelie level, anyone can actually make unicycle insoles without having to worry seriously. In addition, the creamy chassis from Öhlins, which has the 170 mm travel of the standard Multistrada at the front of the fork,

The Pikes Peak is a sporty adventure bike and therefore a "dual bike", undoubtedly the sportiest of its kind, and therefore further away from the standard than any of its predecessors. It eliminates all the options offered by the 19-inch model. But if you only care about the well-made road, the Pikes Peak offers the right dual system.

2022 DUCATI MULTISTRADA V4 PIKES PEAK Prototype of the super sporty upright burner.

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