All new SYM NEWS FOR 2022 Joyride, Husky, 4Mica and KRN BT for Italy.

All new SYM NEWS FOR 2022 Joyride, Husky, 4Mica and KRN BT for Italy. 

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All new SYM NEWS FOR 2022 Joyride, Husky, 4Mica and KRN BT for Italy. For the German market there is no real novelty hit from Sym in model year 2022. But some of the innovations presented at EICMA 2021 could also reach us by 2023 at the latest.

Italy is the most important European scooter market, which is why many models are launched there first and only then gradually reach the other markets. This will most likely also be the case with the new Sym Joyride presented in Milan and its 16-inch version, the Joyride 16. It is questionable whether other innovations such as the Sym Husky ADV, the JetX, the colorful 4Mica or the Sym KRN BT will find their way to Germany. Apart from the Maxsym 508 TL, none of the models presented at EICMA 2021 are planned for the German market in 2022.

The following models will be available in Germany in model year 2022:
  • Sym HD 300
  • Sym Joymax Z + 300i
  • Sym Maxsym 400i
  • Sym Maxsym TL
  • Sym Cruisym a 300i

Sym Joiride and Joyride 16

LED technology provides all-round visibility, an LC display in the cockpit provides information, locking and unlocking is keyless, the windshield can be adjusted in two stages, the storage space under the seat should provide space for two helmets, while the front compartment has a cell phone, There is space for a purse or other small luggage. The USB socket is also located in this compartment.

The new Sym Joyride is powered by the well-known 278 cm³ Sym single-cylinder, which develops 26 hp at 8,000 rpm and 26 Nm at 6,000 rpm. It is offered as the Sym Joyride with a 15-inch wheel at the front and a 14-inch wheel at the rear, and as the Joyride 16 with a 16-inch wheel at the front and a 14-inch wheel at the rear.

Sym Husky ADV

The new Sym Husky ADV is presented as a 150cc adventure scooter. However, this model has not been confirmed for the German market. In this country, a 125cc version would also make more sense. Or a 300cc scooter.

Maxsym 508 TL

With a displacement of 508 cubic meters, the Maxsym TL is the largest and at the same time the most powerful scooter in the Sym range, and its Euro 5-compliant two-cylinder engine has increased by 43 cm³, three hp and nine Nm compared to its predecessor. He has taken over the very good chassis with upside-down fork and mono spring strut with deflection, also almost typical of a motorcycle is the final drive by chain. Despite all the sportiness, it also offers plenty of comfort, for example thanks to the large, two-way adjustable windshield and ergonomic bench. The 4-piston brake calipers bite hard and in case of doubt can rely on the ABS, the traction control is almost a matter of course. The Maxsym offers a keyless system for easy starting and a parking brake for easy parking, In addition, two storage compartments in the knee area with USB port and another 37 liters of storage space under the bench. Finally, from the driver's perspective, the colored TFT cockpit with selectable designs and automatic brightness adjustment is appealing.

Sym JetX

Like the Husky ADV, the JetX is not part of the Sym model range for Germany. In Italy it is available as a 125 and 150 variant. As a 125 cc, it develops 12.6 hp at 8,000 rpm and 11.5 Nm at 6,500 rpm. As a 150, it brings 14.3 hp and 13.5 Nm.

Sym 4Mica

The most colorful scooter in this round is the Sym 4Mica. Sym - known for his play on words - explains: "Formica" is Italian and means "ant". The all-purpose scooter should be suitable for daily commuting, shopping, but also for trips. At the rear, the 4Mica has an extendable luggage rack that can be enlarged 1.6 times without tools. He is allowed to carry 40 kilos at this point. There is probably a reference to the insect after which the 4Mica is named. A 125 cc single cylinder with around 10 hp at 7,500 rpm and 9.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm provides propulsion.


KRN stands for Kirin, a sacred mythical creature in East Asian culture, while BT is said to refer to "Best Technology". Either way, Sym worked with the Kiska design agency to design the compact 125cc scooter. The manufacturer cites the upside-down fork, a compact body, strong torque at low speeds, protective bars and a short license plate holder as features. Individual add-on parts should also be quick and easy to change so that each copy can be easily personalized.

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