All new 2022 FANTIC INNOVATIONS AT EICMA 2021 New 500cc Caballeros and 125cc let's check out.

All new 2022 FANTIC INNOVATIONS AT EICMA 2021 New 500cc Caballeros and 125cc let's check out. 

For the 2022 model year, Fantic is bringing six Caballero 500 models and three 125 Caballeros. New: the Deluxe 500, the Explorer 500 and the Rally 125.

The Fantic XEF 250 Trail is not a completely new model, but a facelift with a new name. Before that, the approved light enduro was sold at Fantic under the name 250 E. It should enable beginners in particular to find their way around the terrain quickly - even though the Beta XTrainer and KTM Freeride save even more weight. Thanks to a revised engine and new Arrow exhaust system, the XEF 250 Trail will meet the Euro 5 hurdle for 2022. The reinforced frame and the new LED light mask are also new. Fantic apparently threw the 250cc Caballeros out of the program because of the Euro 5 hurdle and instead concentrated on more 125s and even more 500s.

6 new Fantic Caballero 500

Fantic brings four, with the Flat Track even five and actually - including the 50th Anniversary Edition - even six models of the Caballero series for the model year 2022. With updates to the engine and the exhaust system, the existing models meet the Euro 5 hurdle and are even getting growth with the recently released Explorer 500 model.

The main differences between the Explorer and the Rally are the luggage solutions and colors. And the new coat of paint for the scrambler: bright yellow. Price: The Fantic Caballero Scrambler costs 6,990 euros, the Caballero Deluxe 7,190 euros, the Caballero Rally starts at 7,490 euros and the price for the Explorer 500 has not yet been announced.

Fantic Caballero Flat Track 500

The unique selling point of the Flat Track 500 remains that it stands on 19-inch wheels at the front and rear. It is available in two colors. Together with the Scrambler, it is the cheapest version of the five models with the same engine. Price: 6,990 euros.

Fantic Caballero Flat Track 125

Fantic has raised the versatile 125 Caballero line completely to Euro 5 level for the 2022 model year, including the Flat Track 125. Almost indistinguishable from its big 500 sister, it draws attention to itself with beautiful details and two color variants. With the 19-inch front and rear, small off-road excursions shouldn't be an obstacle. As an alternative, your bench seat is also available with a seat height of 840 mm instead of the standard 820 mm.

Fantic Caballero Deluxe 125

The Caballero Deluxe 125 should be a mixture of city and off-road vehicle. It also passes the Euro 5 test and will otherwise remain largely unchanged in the program for 2022. 19-inch front, rather coarse knobby tires and a handlebar with cross brace give it a little off-road look, while the dark gray paintwork with brown seat gives it that certain scrambler touch. It can also be raised from 820 to 840 mm seat height.

All new 2022 FANTIC INNOVATIONS AT EICMA 2021 New 500cc Caballeros and 125cc let's check out.

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