A giant white motorcycle WMC250EV electric motorcycle is going To have the fastest speed in the world!

A giant white motorcycle WMC250EV electric motorcycle  is going To have the fastest speed in the world!

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At the time of the transition between the combustion engine and the electric motor We have seen more and more small and large manufacturers turn their attention to the development of clean energy power plants. Most of the focus is on everyday use rather than on the creation of machines to offer ideas or innovations in the highest speed. Unlike the White Motorcycle Concepts recently released and produced, the WMC250EV aims to set a record for the top speed of an electric vehicle.

White Motorcycle Concepts, a newcomer from England, was founded by Robert White, an engineer with a 24-year history in both two- and four-wheel motorsport. And to present the position of people who have been in the motorsport industry for a long time and when electric power began to play a greater role therefore turned to develop his own electric motorcycle Until causing the WMC250EV that we are seeing now.

The WMC250EV is a full-fledged sports fairing replica electric motorcycle with an aerodynamic design. The highlight is that the materials used in the production are focused on making light weight. using carbon fiber and special aluminum as the main component In terms of design work, if you look past We can feel that this car is probably built to run straight or Drag Speed ​​with the characteristics of a longer wheelbase. It also has a unique design by adding a gap between the car that goes through from the front to the rear.

This innovation, named V-Air by the manufacturer, is designed to allow air to pass through the designed gap. with a size that is large enough for small children able to crawl through Tests show that this V-Air vent reduces the drag between the car and the air by more than 70%, in addition to reducing friction already. will also create pressure or Down Force to the car with the appearance of a tunnel that passes through the car without a device to control the wind direction to help press the car but forcing the wind and that air to pass through it directly is like a wind tunnel The manufacturer says this design creates up to five times the pressure on the front of the body when running at high speeds.

On the V-Air design, Robert White said, “We think the Suzuki Hayabusa has a CdA [drag coefficient multiplied by front area] of approximately 0.35-0.36, and in the CFD [computational fluid dynamics] test we achieved a coefficient of flux. Drag at 0.11, that's a huge drop in drag. You need a relatively high center of gravity for the bike to change direction. But when you accelerate the G's high C means the bike needs to spin around the rear tire, more aerodynamic force at high speeds. The center of pressure on the bike is also quite high. What we have is a motorcycle with 70% less resistance, the same rear wheel load. and the front wheel weight has increased five times.”

Let's take a look at the power issue. Initially, the manufacturer intended to use a turbocharged engine in its actual installation. But we are living in an era where battery technology and power transmission motors are coming, so manufacturers have chosen high power drive motors. with a large battery packed in an aluminum box in the center of the car Surrounded by a tabular structure made of ultra-light aluminum. It also provides a direct connection between the swingarm and the front end that is controlled by the hub steering, which is the same technology used by Bimota.

The high-powered motor is a motor unit from the German manufacturer Hacker. which is a company that manufactures and develops lightweight, high-efficiency electric motors whose main product is a small radio-controlled aircraft This high-powered motor is mounted on a pair of front and rear wheels for a total of four, and yes, it's a 2WD drivetrain, which is different from a typical motorcycle that is going to send power to the rear wheels. The advantages of using these two high-powered motors The motor set installed at the front wheel will be recharged to the battery when running at low speed. as prescribed This innovation will be an innovation that is about to be developed to add to the EV car in the future as well.

Each pair of motors will provide different maximum power. The latter pair will be a source of more power. Each motor has a maximum power output of 30 kW and 20 kW each at the front, for a total power of 100 kW, and when measured at continuous peak power, the power output is equivalent to 134 horsepower (HP). with a race car in the MotoGP class and its power is more than the motor used in the MotoE race car.

Robert White explains: “For using ground speeds The three main factors are aerodynamic drag. The adhesion between the tire and the surface for forward propulsion and power, which is in the third line. We have very low resistance. We have traction on the rear wheels, but we have loads. [Based on V-Air operation] at the front is five times more than a normal bike. So if we drive both wheels with the power to support those motors We have all the elements to act incredibly quickly.”

As for the final powertrain The manufacturer has chosen to use the chain system. instead of a drive by installing a chain set to transmit power within the swing arm both front and rear which is a closed system with an oil drop system to maintain the condition of the chain including the internal cleaning system The manufacturer explains this as “In many electric motorcycles, it is often chosen to achieve the correct final drive ratio. Large gears at high rpm are not good for friction losses. So we make a differential from the motor. Coupled with larger diameter drives and sprockets to match an efficient drivetrain. The chain is enclosed and an oil system is used to optimize the lubrication and heating of the chain and sprocket.”

The front and rear swingarms are attached to a single Multimatic coilover shock via two pushrods. It squeezes from both ends at the same time as the suspension compresses and absorbs the friction of the rear swingarm surface. The front part has a similar behavior. But there will be reinforced in the form of a tubular steel swingarm made from a special alloy. by connecting to the brake system A front pair of EBC brake calipers from Hel, while the wheel set. It will be a set of special 17-inch wheels from Dymags both front and rear. The tires are available in sizes 120/70/ZR17 at the front and 180/55/SR17 at the rear.

come here friends Should be interested in the performance of the WMC250EV well enough. The manufacturer itself has said that the performance in unofficial tests. The velocity test run takes about 64 seconds per lap, and the 2 mile (3.22 km) straight run takes 24 seconds!!!

Based on the information we have obtained, White Motorcycle Concepts “WMC250EV” will challenge the world top speed record for electric motorcycles in 2022. The current record holder, Voxan Wattman, holds a top speed of 228.05 mph (367.01 km/h). ) made in 2020, and before that time the WMC250EV will set a British record later this year. As for the results, the Greatbiker team will present them in the future.

Credit : www.bennetts.co.uk

A giant white motorcycle WMC250EV electric motorcycle  is going To have the fastest speed in the world!

Imptags : white motorcycle WMC250EV electric, 2022 white motorcycle WMC250EV electric, 2021 white motorcycle WMC250EV electric, 

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