2021 Super Soco introduces Neo-Retro motorcycle a TC MAX, New generation of electric energy

2021 Super Soco introduces Neo-Retro motorcycle a TC MAX, New generation of electric energy

Whats up guys its me here SOURAV PANDEY in this blog we are going to talk about all new 2021 super soco New Retro motorcycle a TCmax company new generation of electric energy.

After SUper Soco, an electric motorcycle manufacturer from China. Cooperated with VMoto, an electric motorcycle manufacturer from Australia. A few years ago Recently, the brand has released a new model, TC MAX, that has a unique style. By pulling out the identity of the retro motorcycle that is popular today. And install electric motor drive mechanism To make a difference to the users And create a clear brand image

The Super Soco TC MAX will be an electric motorcycle. It takes a look at the classic Neo-Retro style of Street Naked, and it reminds us of the Husqvarna Svartpilen with round LED headlights. Raised above the shock head. Single seat, long And spoked wheels Which is an approach that might seem commonplace For motorcycles But if classified into the EV category, this model is very different from its competitors in the market. One generation that has it all.

Super Soco will continue to use its China manufacturing base, as well as its domestic R&D department for product development and design. With assistance from VMoto, an Australian EV vehicle manufacturer. The TC MAX will be the first model in which both companies use their knowledge to integrate into a unique product.

Specifications : 
In terms of power, the Super Soco TC MAX comes with a 3,900w motor that delivers a maximum power of 5,000w and a maximum torque of 180 Nm, equivalent to a 110cc combustion motorcycle with the ability to run. The maximum speed is 100 kilometers per hour. With a range of 140 kilometers on a single charge It will be coupled with a 3240Wh Lithium pouch cell battery and an optional Fasrt Charge system from VMoto that supports 90V-240VAC. The charging time on the station will be from 0-80% in 3 hours from The original system becomes 35 minutes and can be fully charged to 100% in only 2 hours.

As for the color of sale, the Super Soco TC MAX will be available in three new colors, Neon Orange, Electric Yellow and Cosmic Gray, with a retail price of AU $ 7,990 (194,425 baht) for the alloy wheel model and AU $ 8,290 (201,708 baht). ) For the spoked wheels You can also buy a Fast Charge system that VMoto co-developed by paying an additional AUD 599 (14,578 baht) from the currency that we offer, you can see that the TC MAX is now sold in Australia. In which both companies There are plans for bringing TC MAX into the international market. Both in Europe and America as well as other countries. That are active and support the power model for electric vehicles as well But probably not Thailand anytime soon This for sure

Thanks to information and pictures from www.rideapart.com

2021 Super Soco introduces Neo-Retro motorcycle a TC MAX, New generation of electric energy

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