2021 The Kymco AK550 finally entering the Europe market soon.

2021 The Kymco AK550 finally entering the Europe market soon. 

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After a year of resting from the model The Taiwanese Maxi Scooter model, the 2021 Kymco AK550, is finally ready for the next chapter. 

The 2021 Kymco AK550 is another Taiwanese scooter that is a direct competitor to the Yamaha TMax, with a similar engine size and design.

By adjusting the engine through the more stringent exhaust standards. In addition, the model has been enhanced with a special look to be more modern.
The AK550 is equipped with a 550.4cc four-cylinder engine. DOHC, water-cooled, stroke The maximum power of 53.5 horsepower (PS), maximum torque 5.6 Kg-M, a 15-liter fuel tank, the engine has passed EURO5 standards, ready to be officially sold in Europe.

It also has improved the frame of the new car. Selected material aluminum alloy Lightweight Strong and resistant to high torque And is also the source of the body weight that is lighter than anyone in the class With a ready-to-ride weight of 226 kg. With new model improvements, the AK550 comes with a new throttle system. That, although still using a normal throttle cable But there are improvements to the ability to support and respond to the rotation of the accelerator better.

The car also received new equipment. Like a modern front and rear suspension The front is an upside-down shock absorber from the KYB brand, size 43 mm, adjustable step by step.
Where the rear is a single shock absorber, lying Which gives a high sense of sportiness And also can adjust the soft hardness. Brakes from Brembo front with front dual disc brakes.

The 2021 Kymco AK550 for the European market will be priced at € 9,999 plus tax (373,376 baht), which will be priced at around 2,000 euros cheaper than its direct competitor Yamaha TMax (74,700 baht). Will officially start selling through dealers from June onwards.

 And a set of TFT screens that can be connected to a smartphone for handling incoming calls. And supports the notification of text messages, e-mails, and many other social media notifications. The car also comes with a smart remote key. That can start the engine without having to plug in the key

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Tags : 2021 kymco AK550, kymco AK550, 2022 kymco ak550, Ak550, 

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