All new 2021 Benelli 302R Expected to launch soon.

All new 2021 Benelli 302R Expected to launch soon.
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Acbiker : 
It is seen that Benelli is going to launch the all-new 302R all-new, entry-class full-fairing sports Bike very soon, as we have previously presented that the Bike has a body image. Any Was revealed informally before

The design look really amazing with the very attractive colour on this bike.

By designing the exterior of the bike There has been a very noticeable change from the original. From the current look, it is a dual headlamp It became a single LED headlamp, and the appearance of the fairing has changed from the original, it appears to be more concise than before. Making the overall picture of the bike look highly flexible

The power side comes in a 300cc, 2-cylinder, in-line rated output at 34 units, but torque numbers have not yet been released. As for the maximum speed that is claimed to be done at 150 km / h, you have to wait to follow the official launch.For the front suspension still comes in an upside-down style, front dual disc brakes with ABS, the rear swingarm looks similar to the original. The seats are separated into two sections, clearly elevated. 

While the handlebars are a shock grip, but do not press down very low. Make the sitting position in driving, it is still suitable for use in daily life as well.

It is expected not long ago. And it has the opportunity to be launched in the market in our country as well as the 302R earlier.

Credit: Vanhoe Rage

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